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Adam Rayner

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Adam Rayner

Well, it took me an astonishing time to find how to update this bit... and that is after fifteen thousand folks have seen fit to come and look at my profile and wonder who da hell the Fat Bloke WAS? But HELLO and welcome to my world. Please check out the drop downs on the magazine... there is an astonishing amount of stuff on there now!
Jul 04 2013 09:33

Adam RaynermagicTrev

Hi Mate, bloody brilliant to hear that. Yes, I am afraid I am a true lifer on the car audio thing..
Sep 13 2011 14:12

magicTrevAdam Rayner

Hi Adam, good to see your still around, i've been reading your articles since 1989 (and am currently going through the boxes of Car Hi-FI, Car Stereo & Security, etc. in my garage to throw out unfortunately) and learn't a lot from you and your fellow contributors over the years.
Good to be able to say Thanks.
Sep 13 2011 13:15

Adam RaynerHatBeard

Happy Birthday, Geezer.
Jun 05 2011 12:52

Hakuna MatataAdam Rayner

Hi Adam.
Having trouble on this site. I would like to have a chat
May 26 2011 13:11

Adam Raynerblack-cat

Hi Mate. congrats on being the first TA-er to be promoted to article-hood. If you don't count Mike's GZ report...but then he is the Guru!
May 26 2011 10:15

Adam RaynerBrill-Edwards

Your friends list is selective yet badass!
Dec 27 2010 13:54

Adam RaynerTitus

Hi Titus
adam@talkaudio.co.uk and 0208 420 4700 & 07778 66 88 22
Oct 26 2010 13:27