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Alpine + TuneIt + 8" Pre Amp Sub = Budget

18 Nov 2014 - 10:47

This is whos Listening......



First video on there,   lots of waffle on the sponsors page too...


     is the lastest one




Keep an eye on their Facebook Group and their Just Giving.


If your a spurs fan there's a signed Spurs Pennant












Raf Alconbury SQ Comp and Meet for cystic fibrosis research.....

05 Oct 2014 - 23:43

First car show on RAF Alconbury in 15 years!!!! Sponsored by the Rising Four we promise to bring entertainment for all with live bands, all day bouncy houses for the kids, games and demos for adults and 7 beautiful trophies to be won for bikes, cars, and trucks of every shape and size!
Contact Mr. Foster at 07557133803 or email at aaronfoster27@hotmail.com for show registry and base access.
All non base pass holders must make contact NLT 3rd Oct by 9 am for access and registration.
25 October is the show and starts for show cars at 1030 and gates open to public at 1300.
£10 or $15 per competition entrance. Free to the public!!!   ---    And all proceeds go directly to the international cystic fibrosis research association.
Event on FB - 

on behalf of Rach and Shaun...  get them direct if you are interested......

Players, please

20 Sep 2014 - 05:49

Hi Ladies and Gents....


If you own a VW Audi Bmw or a Merc whip you probably know this already.   If you don't,    Sunday 21st Sept is a bit special round these ere parts -


Who out there knows anything about Players Show???



Team Bloomz are joining forces to occupy some space with a certain couple of serious SPL teams......     and as such will also have some SQ demo time each hour as well ;-)




I believe the entry on the gate is £15 Per Person - Public from 930am.   


If you are interested,   try and avoid the queues by arriving EARLY or after 1030 IMHO.







Be great so see some of the London Based Ta - ers .......    If you had something planned for tomorrow ........















                                                                  ....................... cancel it                         

RPM Live

08 Aug 2014 - 08:25

Anyone fancy getting metered I am helping to organise a mini sound off as part of RPM Live at north weald airfield Sunday 24th August......   


Price including entry will be just ten pounds to cover trophies etc......



Get in touch if your interested - if you don't fancy entering you could join us anyway.....











SQ Training.........

23 Jul 2014 - 16:07

Hi Ya,    


Not posted anything for ages,      but if anyone's bored,  and has stereo speakers connected,    this is a good way to use some time I reckon,


Cleverly designed for any amateur to learn some basics of Listening.......


Take a look