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4 CH amp help - SQ moderately priced

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#1 G60Dub


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Posted 11 Jun 2018 - 14:07

Hi everyone


My first post so be gentle.


I own an old Bora 4-Motion with the factory installed DSP system and a Becker 7995 Indianapolis Pro HU which I've muddled on with for at least the last 5 years or so.


Last year I bought a set of Gladen One components for it and had some birch speaker rings fabricated then spent a day or do deadening the front doors and installing the rings.  After the drivers had run in they sounded pretty good but I think they could do with some more power.   So for some time I've been toying with the idea of replacing the HU (mostly so I can use plugin media and take BT calls etc.) and maybe running the Gladens directly from an amp and binning the stock DSP system.  


So I finally took the plunge and bought an inexpensive Alpine CDE-193BT which i installed yesterday and presently running the Gladen components direct from the HU.   I've still to set it up but will take a few days to become familiar with the HU before I do this.  Source will be exclusively FLAC on plugin media or CD. 


However, I expect that I will very quickly tire of running the Gladens from the HU and will likely start thinking about an amp fairly soon.


I had provisionally settled on a Mosconi AS 100.4 with my idea being that if after amping the components I still have two channels that I could potentially run a subwoofer from, should I feel the need and if not I could hook up the rear doors for a little fill (and I mean little).  Although I suspect the Gladens with a decent bit of drive will sound rather decent and I may not even feel the need. 


So my question (sorry for taking so long to get to the point):  Is something like the Mosconi overkill in terms of SQ (or price) for my application and is there something less expensive that would give me 90% of the performance?   I am completely in the dark here as have not bought any audio equipment for over 15 years.



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Posted Yesterday, 07:57

What is your budget?

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Posted Yesterday, 17:53

Buy used audoiosystem twister amps. They don't fetch much but are brilliant bits of kit.