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An amp quandary.

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Posted 05 Jun 2018 - 00:34

I have the front end of my install completed.


Alpine iLX-702 Head Unit (playing FLAC files on Tidal via Android Auto).

Focal K2 Power ES 165 KX3 3-way.  Tweeters and mids in custom A-pillar builds and the mid- bass in the factory door placements on MDF rings.


The front end is running fully-active with an Audison Bit One and a JL Audio XD600/6v2 amp installed 3 or 4 weeks ago.


The next step is the sub setup  and I am pretty convinced that I’ll be going for 2 X JL Audio 13TW5v2-2 subs.  The current discussion is powering them with  2 X JL Audio XD600/1v2 monoblocks.


My only concern is that the XD amps may be the weakest link in the system - it probably would have been fine had I gone for Focal flax speakers - and I am open to considering another options  (including changing the front end amplification).


I would have been inclined to go for the JL HD series amps throughout - for ‘look’ as well as sound -, but they only offer a 4-channel stereo amp in that series and I have been advised against bridging amps due to possible noise concerns, so that doesn’t give me a viable route for the 3-way active front end (4 channel amp for mids and tweeters. Bridged 2 channel amp for mid-bass).  Or does it?  Are noise concerns in a bridged D-class amps warranted?


Anyway, given a budget of say £2-2.5k for system amplification, what would you be suggesting?  I am a bit of a bass head, so looking for something that is both loud and crystal clear.  I also want amplification readily available in the UK.

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Posted 05 Jun 2018 - 07:59

2 x JL HD 750/1 or possibly 1 HD 1200/1 depending on sub configuration and power requirements.

2 X JL HD 600/4


Can't understand where the issue with noise comes In bridging an amp certainly not on midbass.


Unless you were were using extremely sensitive speakers like horns.

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Posted 05 Jun 2018 - 10:58

what I would do is:




1) try a combination of setups with what you have in hand,them being:



A) the ES165 3 ways come with a very very capable/flexible passive crossover of which you arent very limited like other fixed setting found in ordinary crossovers.



the most important detail is it can be bi amped running 1 input to the midrange + tweeter and 1 input for the midwoofer.



being a very monster midwoofer I have doubts your getting the full potential out of these units with 75rms (plenty will argue its plenty while my own foundings differed significantly in the past in similiar situations which is why I state simply try as its for free)



therefor I would bridge the 6 channel amp to 4 channels,feed 2 x75 to the mid/tw input and 200rms to the midwoofer




B) I would definatley make sure you wont cause phasing issues with the dual slims, I commonly see people install these in boots where the quarter panel is but with 2 facing each other this might cause serious trouble so do your math right and plan the install beforehand perfectly




C) why go for dual monoblocks when both are identical units probably timed,cut the same? I would rather go for a single mono amp and definatly the cheapest performer to the task.


I'am confident even a single JX1000.1D would be more then enough.