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New Car. Golf SE Nav 1.5Evo DSG...(Not mine I'm skint)

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Posted 15 May 2018 - 22:52

Part of having a successful other half with 1.5 legs is "we" get a new car every three years. 
(Yes my sense of humour is a bit fucked up)

So last week collected a new Mk7.5 Golf SE Nav DSG
...which is pretty much a Golf Match until they bring out the Match again nearer end of run

Good thing is  we (me) picked the one with the new Gen 1.5Evo engine 

First impressions are that this engine is a cracker
It has lots of bluemotion trickery and witchcraft employed in the gubbins and seems to be an healthy 130BHP rather than just making 130BHP

It will run 2 alternating cylinders at fast cruise with little load then snaps back to 4 when asked for power 
It also turns its self off a lot.... which still annoys me and fills me with dread equally ...because my first car was a Ford XR3 which used to turn its self off a lot for many other reasons
Which meant you were walking to the phone box...

Pull up at the lights "Switches Off" Ok thats normal now... 70mph on the A road and Motorway slowing down .. "Switches off"...don't like it...

But driving it you soon forget that and let it get on with saving petrol and Whales and the world
..put the gearbox is Sport and it turns off the engine less.  Leave the Engine "normal"... (Eco is poo)... Sport turns it in to a loony thing no good with 231 miles on the clock
I hope that did the sums right on the turbo and latent oil pressure... 

You can also add active shocks at build and play with those on the Car screen  but I don't tick that box on shopping trolley cars.
In-fact did not tick anything other than spec the "Nav" model above SE and it comes with enough stuff to keep most happy.

I did not expect to like this car after the little Mercedes so didn't apply any man maths to adding stuff.  And my northerner won't add options... "waste of money" end quote
I think she bought the Floor mats and  that's it lol
It has as Standard spec
Active cruise
Brake assist
Hill hold/ active parking brake
Nav unit
Parking sensors Front and rear 
Powerfold mirrors
Auto lights 
Auto Wipers
Alloys with proper Michelin Tyres 

......and Golf functionally which it PAINS me to admit blows our previous Mercedes 200Cdi out of the water.
her wheelchair fits in the boot no bother...(we didn't have that consideration when we got the A class)
The Golf is quicker quieter and handles better as well ...with much less effort.
Its big though but just short of 1300KG with a steel body which isnt bad 

If I was to order another I'd see about adding the Front fogs, LED headlights, Rear camera, Black headliner. maybe the factory sub
If i was keeping it rather than Leasing I'd get the Leather interior and likely bump up to GT spec for the 150BHP engine as well 

but then it would be close to being a "Gti Lite" but it would be a nippy well appointed run about

The only thing is the rear view mirror looks lifted from another more expensive car... It may turn out the active cruise or other sensors are hiding in there... I may never know...Traditionally I'm not allowed near her car with spanners since one ended up lowered and remapped  :D 

The new Nav infotainment unit is pretty slick as well. Mirror your apps on car screen and all that turnout
Sound is OK...  first car "we've" got that hasn't instantly annoyed me for Audio quality
Speakers are in enough decent locations to start swapping things OEM+ and get respectable results (IMHO)  and it can belt out Reggae so I'm happy enough
Some sort of computer/amp unit under the seat 

The only thing I can't work out is why the seats are so poor, very little lateral support but the car has a G meter on the Nav screen...
You'd fall out of the seat before you Generate enough G to bother looking at the dial

Over all well worth a look if your looking for a hatchback