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Tinkering with LiIon

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Posted 05 May 2018 - 21:08

I've been doing some NiCd drill conversions to LiIon (old laptop batteries and supercheap Powerbank cells) and LiPo (Hobbyking RC packs). Still contemplating whether to use a BMS or not and how to safeguard against deep discharge. I have some beeping testers (see pic), but not sure how to wire them so they don't draw down the batteries... I hope that just switching the groundwire will do the trick instead of having to switch 4 wires in 3 packs....




But then I ran into the Vruzend DIY batterykit. Really nice stuff! And then I started reading their forum about current capability of their kit. Interesting read! And saw their rating to show how many posts people have made: it is named "Street Cred" and measured in ampère-hours. Neat for a company that makes something where ampères, ampère-hours and voltage are very important...


And I saw an admin had a street cred of 5Ah. And then I saw two posters that knew what they were talking about (but with far fewer posts than the admin) that had 10MAh and 100MAh respectively. Not mAh (one thousandth of an AmpHour), but MAh (one million AmpHour)...


So am I an anal piss-ant or does this completely obliterate their credibility as a company???

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