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Clarion SW2513B Passive Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

Clarion SW2513B Ten Inch Passive Subwoofer Enclosure:

Small trapezoidal passive bass box (as in, it has NO amplifier of its own built-in, so needs an external amp to drive it.) with single coil ten inch woofer and a port. Also known as ‘Bass Reflex’. Seamlessly covered with tough grey carpet. The box has a data sheet and a foil sticker enclosed. The metallised-cone speaker has two shaped metal bars to protect it but no grille. The box feels solid and the embroidery on the top is smartly done. The port is gas-flowed on the outside only. A really good sounding box with improbable quality for the truly low price. (Less than a tank of fuel Feb 2015) One of these can provide all the bass that any sane person could ever want. Trouble is, it is actually good enough to trigger that bass insanity that leads to real bass addiction.

Easily a Talk Audio Recommended Product. Buy with confidence at the Clarion Shop or else at Car Audio Direct. That said, you can find your nearest Clarion dealer here: http://www.clarion.com/gb/en/support/dealer_locator/index.html

And now, meet the NEW four-times-the-muscle Talk Audio Odyssey PC1350 Absorbed Glass Mat battery. It will power mighty amps and easily held phat while the Clarion XR 4240 four channel amplifier was a-sucking juice. The compressor in the camera can be heard clamping down and squeezing the signal to the video but I can tell you, this woofer is stupidly, absurdly good and this box can be used for SQ sound off budget-controlled class competing, in my opinion. I am so impressed!

Watch the video for the meat a& potatoes of the review…


Overall 8.8

Sound Quality 9 (reduced from video upon reflection)
Build Quality 9
Power Handling 8
Efficiency 7
Value For Money 11 (increased from video upon finding it EIGHT QUID CHEAPER!)


Continuous power handling: 300W
Frequency response : 30Hz to 300Hz
Efficiency : 84.6dB/W/m
Speaker size: 262mm (10 inch)
Single 4 Ω voice coil (3.7 Ohm, in fact, to help efficiency)
Metallised Injection-Moulded Polypropylene cone
Rubber high excursion surround
Large strontium ferrite magnet
Rear-vented pole piece
Firm grip 4mm diameter spring compression terminals on box

Box dimensions

Product Details

Manufacturer: Clarion

Web Link: http://www.clarion-shop.co.uk/p/sw2513b-25-cm-10%E2%80%B3-subwoofer-with-bass-reflex-box?pp=24

Typical Selling price: £81.00 in Clarion shop, £73 in Car Audio Direct