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Vibe Black Air 6

A two-way component speaker system with separate tweeter units, midbass drivers and passive crossovers that can be mounted either as a powerful coaxial or as a set of components, so are termed convertible. Complete with a mounting kit to fit the tweeters either to the midbass units or separately and screws and fixings. There is a generous provision of the highest quality wire supplied with any speaker in all twenty on test – Vibe Flatwire. A template as well as kit to angle mount the tweeters is also included. The product is made to a very high standard with cast aluminium cut to reveal shiny surfaces. The passive crossovers are one of two round shaped ones in our group of twenty pairs.

- Power Handling 120w RMS
- Sensitivity 90dB 1w/1M
- Own Pink noise test figure 112.0dB (Vol @20 @ trk 9 dB Drag Vol III)
- Passband 53Hz to 25kHz
- Tweeter diameter 20mm
- Tweeter Mounting Depth 20mm
- Midbass Mounting Depth 62mm
- Cone: Honeycomb Fibreglass
- Tweeter: Silk dome convertible may be mounted coaxially or separately
- Crossover slope 12dB/Octave
- Chassis: Cast with ground faces
- Complete with: Lots of top quality Vibe flat wire, gaskets, fixings, templates, window sticker
- High quality two piece grilles

Review by Adam Rayner

These were truly fiddly to fit, which is 100% irrelevant to a review as if you buy a set an extra ten minutes of fiddling with the gorgeous round passives (harder to hold for one!) you won't care one jot. When you're testing twenty sets though, the lazy git in one appreciates the simple to fit ones but no marks can be lost for that.

The build quality of these speakers is pure bling. They are equipped with cast chassis and sexy grilles. These are one of the few truly convertible products were sent, along with the excellent Kickers, they can be set up as components or as a coaxial of great might. To keep the playing field fair and not introduce any point-source advantage over the other sets on test, I fitted them as components.

The sound was big and potent with powerful bass from the high tech honeycomb composite material cones in the midbass drivers. The tweeters are fast and yet they do reveal that this set is way less costly than all of the others in the group by a good £30. That they do what they do for what's asked earned them a nine for VFM and the lovely construction is as good as anybody's anywhere. The sound was just a little less refined than most of the others we saw but really is like seeing a hot Saxo lining up against big bad Bimmers on a track day. They might get a similar lap time just a little less refinement is all.

Overall 8.0
Sound Quality 6
Build Quality 10
Power Handling 7
Efficiency 7
Value For Money 9


Sound Quality 6

You're a kinder person than I am Adam. I thought these were atrocious at best.