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JBL ProCoustics MS-2 - Car Audio Optimiser

Dec 06 2011 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Processors

Product DetailsManufacturer: JBLDistributor: Car Audio & SecurityWebsite: http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/16005.htmlTypical Selling price: £149.95What It IsA digital signal processor in a small box with a really simple user interf...

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Earthquake EQ7000PXi 7-Band Pre-Amp/EQ

Jun 01 2011 21:00 | Adam Rayner in Processors

Product DetailsManufacturer: Earthquake SoundDistributor: Earthquake Sound UKWebsite: http://www.earthquakesound.com/Typical Selling price: £189.99A half DIN Equaliser with the classic array of controls: Seven fixed frequency knobs, a subwoofer crosso...

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Earthquake Sound MB1 Digital Bass Synthesiser

Apr 18 2011 20:00 | Adam Rayner in Processors

Product DetailsManufacturer: Earthquake SoundDistributor: Earthquake Sound UKWebsite: http://www.earthquakesound.comTypical Selling price: £239.99The Earthquake MB1 is Short for “Mega Bass One” and is described as a powerful Bass Doubler. It has a si...

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Audison Bit One

Mar 30 2009 09:09 | Guest in Processors

A digital processor designed to act as an ideal OEM (factory system) integration device. It can apply high quality Digital Signal Processing to enable the use of filtered and crossed-over input sound signals from complex OEM systems by summing them and...

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US Amps Bass Mekanik VLS-1 Bass Processor

Mar 06 2009 16:27 | Guest in Processors

Described as a 'quantum bass processor' the blurb reads: “Want more bass in your sound system? Bass Mekanik and you.S. Amps are both synonymous for producing high output, ground pounding, low bass frequencies. Together, they are proud to introduce the...

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Kenwood CarPortal System

May 15 2008 11:09 | Guest in Processors

A system to allow integration of aftermarket equipment to embedded factory fit car audio systems so allowing the addition of exterior audio and video sources, whilst retaining full use of all the car's own factory controls and fitted options. The c...

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Alpine PXE-H650

Mar 03 2008 11:12 | Guest in Processors

Product DetailsManufacturer: AlpineWebsite: http://www.alpine-electronics.co.uk/This is about the Alpine PXA-H650 processor and its family of kit – it is really a story of the Imprint process and what it is derived from. This unit is the top model,...

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