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So, I see this, on Facebook. “I gotta FAN!” and it reminded me to draw your attention to the advert on the site to the left of this story, in the margin. Click a few page refreshes and you will see the Bass Mekanik advert. Bassotronics is on their label and you can buy this album online on either iTunes or Bandcamp. His big hit was Bass I Love You and is on this album.

Here is the track list and the sleeve note description, if I may use an archaic term..

1.Bassotronics - Intro Bass Buttons 01:06
2.Bassotronics - Misericordia 04:17
3.Bassotronics - Bass Buttons Activated 03:47
4.Bassotronics - One Word Bass 04:33
5.Bassotronics - Bass Groove 808 04:56
6.Bassotronics - Deep Bass Feelings 04:14
7.Bassotronics - Bass Control 03:27
8.Bassotronics - Electro Bass Computers 04:14
9.Bassotronics - Alien Authority 03:49
10.Bassotronics - Bass is a Throbulator 04:55
11.Bassotronics - Marching For a Dream 04:11
12.Bassotronics - Bassvowels 03:49
13.Bassotronics - Just Bass 02:40
14.Bassotronics - Bassdroid 03:39
15.Bassotronics - I Bet You Can't Play 70 Hz 04:52
16.Bassotronics - Bass I Love You (remix) 04:07

BASS BUTTONS ACTIVATED, the sophomore release from BASSOTRONICS is the perfect follow up to THE FUTURE IS BASS, his popular debut album. Chock full of the electro bass grooves that mark his quirky brand of techno, BASS BUTTONS ACTIVATED rolls and thumps like a great bass party mix from top to bottom. Key tracks are the title song - BASS BUTTONS ACTIVATED and a remix of his most popular and downloaded track BASS I LOVE YOU.



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