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Product Details
Manufacturer: MTX
Distributor: CELSUS
Website: http://www.mtxaudio.eu/products/homeaudio/item/iwa225
Typical Selling price: £219.99

In A Nutshell
An aluminium brick, with watts and Bluetooth. Except that the Americans that made it would insist it was Aloominum. That’s because this is from MTX, famed for seriously LOUD car audio. It is a small 2x25w home audio amp (NOT car) for hiding away and using a single RCA input or else a Bluetooth streaming input, presumably from your phone. There is a tiny rubber-ducky antenna and a wire with an Infra-Red ‘eye’ on the end that you install where the supplied remote control unit can beam instructions to it….

Overall 8.8
Sound Quality 8
Power Output 9
Features 8
Build Quality 10
Value For Money 9

Talk Audio Recommended….

Editor Review : MTX IWA225 in-wall RCA input/Bluetooth Amplifier

Now here’s the thing about instructions… I am a reviewer and although I can (aaaaaaand sometimes DO) read a frickin’ manual from time to time, this is one time that had hilarious repercussions for my simple failing to RTFM.

I couldn’t power the MTX IWA225 up, for love nor money. I spent a while, struggling.

I tried a new mains lead. I changed the battery in the remote, even though it was new stock and had been properly installed with a plastic circuit-break that you just pull out to make the remote work. I wiggled the wires… I turned the Bluetooth on and off again on my phone. Nothing…. so I called the expert who said he’d get right back to me as this was a thing his colleague was the knowledgeable one about. As I put the phone down, like an infant flailing limbs about to find where their mouth is… I finally bopped the Bluetooth button and it burst into life. So, the first line of the manual for the remote control says; “1. Power OFF : use to switch off the unit. Note that it doesn’t switch on the unit….” and THAT is against the circle with a small vertical line through it. The one used as ON/OFF in the entire rest of our world! As I chuckled, the dude called me back and was gently amused as he explained…

So, with a gentle sigh, I sat back to enjoy the Kicker KB6000 outdoor speakers I had affixed to the speaker terminals, with some stout 12Ga speaker wire from Esoteric Audio. You press the Bluetooth button or the one that looks like a TV input logo, to switch the unit on.

Streamed from my Galaxy S7, I played a selection. Madness, Isao Tomita’s Nipponese electronica and some raucous and rorty Yankee Rock N Roll. It seemed fitting. A Paloma Faith track… and that angry item from The Book Of Mormon.

The speakers were 8 Ohm ones, although the MTX folks say the amp will happily play 4 Ohm speakers. So I will have to try the IWA225 on the big oval 4 Ohm ones I have in the test rig.

I can tell you, that once I had got a grip that the remote has two input-and-power-ON buttons and a single POWER OFF button, then I found the operation as idiot-proof as I had initially hoped. One silly thing is calling the unit a total hideaway, even ‘in-wall’ unit, yet having two LEDs on the top, used to show three flavours of status. ON and with aux input = RED. ON and pairing = flashing Blue. ON and paired = continuous Blue. Not too useful if locked away in a stud-wall.

However, in the UK, it’ll be tucked in a cupboard or sideboard or AV cabinet, out of sight but within reach of the quite short cord on the Infra Red eye device, which needs to be able to be ‘seen’ by the nine-button card remote control. The Bluetooth was strong and unwavering, hanging on well, even when I moved the phone around and placed it in a spot behind a pile of wires as far as line-of-sight goes. I found the power output impressive yet did wonder what sort of oomph the fifty watter would have - since that is the next model up.

The sound was clean and dynamic.. I also need to hear how it does on the RCA input, to put a bigger, more meaty signal in than my Google Music efforts.But that’s just the messing about, for I can assure you that this robust spud is capable of bringing some real muscle to the party. And it can be delivered by Bluetooth.

I ended up liking it a lot, despite needing so many ways to turn it off and on again!

Full Specifications
From the MTX website:
The iWa225 MTX amplifier is simple, convenient and efficient ; its Bluetooth connection, its line input and its all-aluminium construction allow it to be hidden in a wall, a ceiling or in an item of furniture. You just need a power supply to have music anywhere. We use the direct digital amplification technology. There is no DAC (digital / audio converter). There is no loss, no noise. The sound is clear, musical and dynamic. Both inputs switch automatically. When you turn on the TV, the amp turns on and switches to the correct input. If you sent Bluetooth music from your cell phone, the amp switches to BT to play your music. The IR remote can control the unit even when installed in-wall thanks to the 75cm long cable IR receiver. Simple (no setting on the amp), efficient (Direct digital techno, power), the iWa225 is the amp that puts music in the right place : the first row !

Power :
2x13W RMS @ 8Ω 0.1%THD
2x25W RMS @ 4Ω 0.1%THD
Inputs : Bluetooth and RCA
Remote : IR with 75cm cable
Power supply : 100~120V to 200~240V, 50 - 60Hz
Dimensions : 20x8x8cm
Features :
So small that you can hide it in ceilings, walls or furniture
Dual universal inputs (Bluetooth and RCA)
All aluminium quality construction


With that aloominum body would look great on my stainless worktop in garage and no buttons to touch with dirty fingers. Hope you get to test the bigger one soon