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NextBase Click 9 Lite Duo Portable DVD System

Product Details
Manufacturer: NextBase
Distributor: Voyager Systems
Website: http://www.nextbase.co.uk/
Typical Selling price: £229.99 & £29.99 for the Headphones

What It Is
The only portable/removable DVD system to be crash-test approved. It has two screens and comes with all the cabling and fitments you need. Box contains; Two nine-inch backlit mega-pixel-plus LED screens, one with DVD mechanism; 12V power connection/signal joining system with magnetic cable anchors as well as mains PSU; two sets earphones; Audio-Visual input/output lead; two seat stanchion fixings that are also crash tested for when no screen is fitted; stout webbing bag for all of it. Also tested, dual-channel Infra-Red Headphones, which come with a bag, batteries and a cable for plugging-in.

Full Specifications
Nine inch wide viewing angle digital LCD TFT screen with LED backlight.
Brightness: 300CDm2. Contrast ratio: 500:1. Resolution: 800RGB(W) x 480(H) x RGB = 1,152, 000 pixels
Click & Go: intelligent car mounting system, Slip the player into the stanchion mount and the movie will play automatically
Uno: Single screen
Duo: Dual screen, play the same movies on two screens
Duo Deluxe: Dual DVD player, watch different or the same movies on two screens
Easy on-top control buttons (nine keys)
USB port for Media playback function: JPG/ MP3/ WMA/ MPEG/DivX (tested with Verbatim 8GB)
Separate 3.5mm stereo Audio In/Out socket & Composite Video in/out socket
Headphone output 3.5mm stereo jack socket
Slim line IR Remote control
DC 12V input/output
Built-in stereo speakers (2 x 1W)
Two-channel IR transmitter at 850nM (ChA 2.3, 2.8Mhz; ChB 3.2, 3.8Mhz)
Multi-language On Screen Display: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish
Stanchion mount (One for Uno system and two for Duo systems)
Power input: DC 7-14V / 1.5A
DVD Player unit dimensions W268mm x H183mm x D44mm
Monitor unit dimensions W268mm x H183mm x D29mm
DVD Player weight: 920g
Monitor weight: 482g
Accessory Package:
110-240V AC/DC adaptor for home use. (<0.5W standby power)
Cigarette Lighter cable (Dual YoYo cable for Duo systems)
28-button remote control.
Earphones (Two for Duo systems)
AV cable for Games console or external TV connection (3 x RCA to 3.5mm jack)
Instruction manual
Quickstart guide
Stanchion Mount installation guide
Carrying bag

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Infra-Red Headphones
Batteries: AAA (supplied x2)
Battery Life: 70 Hours approximately
Dual Infrared A/B Channel/Off Switch
Supplied with Stereo 3.5mm jack to jack cable for direct connection

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Optional accessories
Battery: 7.4V 3000mAh Lithium Ion
Infra Red Headphones: (ChA 2.3, 2.8Mhz, ChB 3.2, 3.8Mhz) Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 3dB) Auto Power off >2.5m
Headrest mount (Velcro strap headrest mount, alternative to rigid Stanchion mount)

Editor Review : NextBase Click 9 Lite Duo DVD Rear Seat System

How Is It Made?
The basis of these DVD systems are the seven and nine inch screens. This is the dual niner, hence its name. You can get the systems as a single player, or player with slave screen, or dual players to best fit your needs. The screens are housed in a smooth curved-edge housing and the master screen flips down (or ‘opens’, when used desktop on the supplied mains adapter) to reveal a DVD deck’s loading door. This is not ‘damped’ but just clicks open to reveal the disc spindle. You fit a disc, close it up and then use the on-screen instructions to operate the device via the thin card-style 28-button remote control.

A crucial feature is the well-engineered active mounting bracket and integral video/audio/power interconnection system. The latter is a small reel-like hub with two wires coming out that connect to the screen-to-seat-stanchion mounting hardware and supply power from the single thick-wire cigar lighter plug that also snakes from the hub. NextBase call this the ‘Dual YoYo’. These signal/power wires each have a single Neodymium magnet cable gripper. So you can hide them with careful routing and clamping to a bit of seat frame out of sight.

The stanchion mount has a sophisticated slide-apart clamp system to fit any car seat and finishes in a smooth-faced quick-release slide-mount for the screen. Both the screens and these mounts alone, i.e. when ‘empty’, have been crash test approved. As well as working on the mounts, this system also allows for a Lithium-Ion extra battery power pack to be sold for 2.5 hours continuous use, as an extra to clamp to the back of the master unit.

Everything is solid and well put together. I gather that “ten year old boy-proof” was a design intent, hence the ruggedness of the cables’ build quality and that “sick-proof” was part of the bag’s design intent, for the system we had came with a really well made webbing bag with dividers inside. The two pairs of supplied earphones are really so you can get started as many kids will have their own. Failing that, thirty quid a set will get you the Infra-Red headphones. These are well made and have comfy soft ear-cushions with good isolation. Crucial in this application. They also come with a cloth bag and in another feature I have not seen before, also have a conventional 3.5mm cord to use wired as against wireless.

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How Well Does It Work?
Bloody brilliant in the most literal sense, as well as figurative and a MASSIVE leap forward in cleverness and thought-out approach since the last set like this I tried. Yes, I had a similar system woven into the back of the Volvo and my young son could not be bothered to use it, as the separate player and all the wires meant that you really had to carefully check all connections before use and fitting the screen to the headrest was via a big rubbery strap that sagged in time. All in all, it ended up being offed for someone to use in a caravan, as my son couldn’t be bothered with the effort.

This set is different, as the clamps to fit the screens the back of the headrest are just excellent. The slide-off clicky thing is just as described. Hell, lets slap their video in right here:


Slick, innit? The main issue for a Talk Audio review is always the quality of the experience and this is high. For one, the screen is truly intended to be taken off the mount and taken indoors to be used on the wall-wart (power adapter) that plugs into the small conventional DC- in socket as well, for it has a really wide viewing angle. Two kids could share one screen and both will see it without the image disappearing. I have a Sevic home LCD telly in the bedroom with an appallingly narrow viewing angle. So narrow, I have to point it down off the bracket it sits upon, high up, on an arrangement of sink-plug chain and metal hooks, just to see it!

The sound of the inbuilt 1w speakers has no muscle of course but is amazingly clean and clear and of course the device puts its sound track out on Infra-Red and I had the set of dual-channel headphones to try them. It took a moment or two to get a grip of the channel coming out from the set and channel I was switched to on the ‘cans’ but once running, the sound was plenty loud and clear. However, the Infra Red sound-transmission concept has itself got limits, so you are of course, bandwidth limited (not lots of treble, nor lots of deep bass) and you’ll get a dark hiss about 20dB down. A nasty noise floor that is just there if you want to go cordless. I actually plugged the 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo to stereo jack plug lead up. There’s a socket for headphones in the screen’s side (be it a master or a slave screen) and there’s a socket on the headphones you plug the other end into.

I was using this insane dts demo disc with such mixed stuff as a clip from Robots, Peter Gabriel at a gig, Base Jumpers risking life and some real art-jazz session stuff on video. It was a challenging DVD as it was meant to show off dts five-channel-plus-subwoofer output multichannel recordings. I had to set the deck up via ‘audio options’ to go with the Dolby Digital two-channel output instead. Anyway, it was an audiophile recording and I was staggered at the quality of these headphones when freed of the yoke of wireless technology’s inherent low-fidelity. I for one, would always use them old-tech, plugged-in! The big comfy headphones have really lovely cushions and they don’t go as loud on the headphone socket output of the deck as they do when driven from the Infra-red system and their own inbuilt amplifiers, so you try and you choose. That does also mean it’s worth a go on the included earphones. These are of course a commodity product and provided to allow immediate use of all features, even without any extras being bought. But yes, the wired/wireless headphones are remarkably sweet, even and rich with good weighty bass and lovely detail for the tinkly bits and despite being designed for bandwidth-limited wireless use, are in fact a damn fine can for the cash. I did find out that this system’s designers included both a musician and a sound engineer on the team. This shows in the end product.

And then there’s the screen. I am sad enough to know (and it’s a test of in-car AV geekiness) just how many dots, or pixels the normal in-car screen up to nine inches has. It’s 336,960. But this is a much higher resolution system and while not approaching in-home HD with it’s 1080P progressive scan system and one thousand and eighty lines, it does, once Red Green Blue pixels are all counted, have well over a mega pixel of resolution. Compared to most other in-car screens around. At 1,152, 000 pixels, this equals the Alpine SVGA screen on the INA-W910 top end double-Din. It’s clean and you get two for £229.99, as well as the well made baggie and all the bits and bobs.

I loved the wire system and that Duo YoYo thing, (although YoYo actually belongs as a brand name to Lumar) as it means neat and solid connection. The screens look sumptuous after the creaming over the specs has finished, they simply look lovely and with all the clever features the system has, it represents great value for money.

I plugged the 8GB Verbatim USB-bean in and it read the whole thing in a minute or so and was easy to navigate around. It’ll read .jpeg stills and is great for DivX movies. I enjoyed the clip from Moulin Rouge, you could see the heroine’s shiny tears….just gorgeous.

There are loads and loads of trick features and facilities, best of which is that it is fully multi region, so no territories’ DVDs will thwart you. It has a zoom function not often seen on players so you could get in close on that DiVx throb-flick and a host of trick functions as well as the ability to code-protect the player.

A really well priced, well designed and made portable DVD system that cover all the, er, bases…
And easily a Talk Audio Best Buy

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Overall 9.6
Picture Quality 8
Build Quality 10
Features 10
Ease of Use 10
Value For Money 10

In A Nutshell
Twin screen video player system with one DVD deck and SVGA resolution. Comes in cloth bag with all parts, including very well designed mounting system – all crash tested, uniquely in this market. Very good picture quality, great audio when used with wired headphones, limited audio bandwidth on IR use. Easily recommended.

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