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Blaupunkt GTA4 Special Edition 2011 4/3/2 Ch. MOSFET Amplifier

Product Details
Manufacturer: Blaupunkt
Distributor: Autosound Solutions
Typical Selling price: £139.99

A four channel amplifier of classic design with power and speaker connections on one end of the chassis and the signal inputs at the other. The terminals are the squeeze-plate and grub screw type commonly used with fork crimps up to eight gauge wire. A single 40 Ampere fuse lives in the power end and extensive controls are all on the other, with the four RCA sockets. High Pass and Low pass crossovers allow adjustment continuously between 50Hz and 250Hz, so are really about crossing upper frequencies out of a subwoofer and allowing a set of components to take over above their comfortable-bass area and blend with the sub.
The bass boost is set a little high at 60Hz, where 45Hz is normal and even then not liked by the real low frequency hounds! This can be left off (0dB) or boosted by +6dB or a whopping +12dB.

The finned heatsink has metal ends with vents in and the decals on the top are laser-sharp smart. The swoopy curvy end cap/cover piece is in fact a plastic panel for looks rather than being part of a more complex heat sink system.
The amp was played with the output from a Sony SACD/CD/DVD deck with some Infinity Kappa 65.9CS component speakers and a set of Infinity Reference 6933i six by nines.

- Class AB
- 4 x 60w RMS @ 4 Ohms
- 4 x 85w RMS @ 2 Ohms
- 2 x 160w RMS @ 4 Ohms bridged
- Finned satin-smooth Aluminium heatsink with decals and plastic feature top/end cap
- Screw down Power Terminals with cross head grub screws/pressure plate, fit up to eight gauge forks
- Variable High pass crossover 50Hz to 250Hz range
- Variable Low pass crossover 50Hz to 250Hz range
- 0/+6/+12dB Bass Boost @ 60Hz
- Adjustable input sensitivity: 0.3V to 8V
- Stereo & Bridged operation
- Frequency response 10Hz to 25kHz
- Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB
- Fuse Rating 40A x1
- HxWxD(mm) 55 x 300 x 245mm

Editor Review: Blaupunkt GTA4 Special Edition 2011 4/3/2 Ch MOSFET Amplifier

A typically smart and crisp product from Blaupunkt. The sound is able, open and clean and allowed me to really unpick the performances of the speakers I used. I know the source unit well and there was some concern that if the amp was at all coloured or distorted in output, then I would have problems checking out the speakers. But it is a great little unit and honestly specified, with no ridiculous claims as to it’s highness of fidelity. My concerns were unfounded.

This makes it read less impressively than some brands on its specifications (and nowhere on the ‘net will you find its channel separation figures) but the proof is in the hearing. I liked the control features and despite the switchgear being industry standard at this price point (i.e. a bit fiddly to use) to set and test the crossovers, the effect is excellent. Nice steep slopes that are not too harsh, so there is a risk of actually getting a nice blend going on with the bigger speakers and their lows.

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I found the 60Hz bass boost was great fun after all and yet didn’t really like the effect on the ovals of the +12dB setting, as that was a bit bonkers. I reckon this would be more applicable if you were actually fitting a subwoofer on the rear channel of the amp and running it bridged. However, just because this a feature of this type of amplifier, I really wouldn’t use it to drive bass. Use it as a classic four corner amplifier and you really cannot go far wrong. It’s easy to use and smart to look at – I decided I really liked the swoopy ornamental end top plate in the end after all, too!

If anything, getting really geeky on its ass, I would say that rather than warm or sweet, like say a posh Genesis amp, the Blaupunkt GTA4 Special Edition 2011 amplifier is a cool and crisp, analytical, rather than soft sounding amp. And thus great for more aggressive dance music and ideal for the classical music fan looking for detail with good price.

Having made the suggestion above about using it as a classic four corner amplifier, one of these GTA4s driving front speakers and one of the Blaupunkt wheel well subwoofers (reviewed here: http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/index.php/index.html/_/reviews/subwoofers/blaupunkt-ths-6902-passive-subwoofer-wheel-well-r985) on its rear channels, would actually make a great little system all on its own.

Enjoyable and affordable.

Overall 8.2
Sound Quality 9
Power Output 7
Features 8
Build Quality 8
Value For Money 9