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Ctek Battery Sense 12v Bluetooth Battery Monitor

The Ctek battery sense monitor is a blue tooth battery monitor. It hooks up to your battery and then communicates with an app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android) to show you how full your battery is. Installing it is as simple as hooking it up to your battery or the last battery in your install.

Once this has been done, launch the app on your phone and it connects to the battery. The app is not perfect, however, as it did crash when testing. I am putting this down to the fact that it is a first attempt and things should get better as time goes on.

Is it a useful product? Well it depends. For live monitoring, it may not be as good as a volt meter in the dash, as I don’t think it is as instant to respond as that. But if you have say, a weekend car or a demo car that does not come out that often, it is a good way to check the health of your batteries without unlocking the car and turning the ignition on or for getting a rough overview of your batteries while you are demoing and not inside the car.

As the product is still new, I was only able to find it on ebay for £50 and that was from an agricultural seller but I can see other stockists will carry it soon.


Effectiveness - 6 (due to app)
Build quality - 8
Ease of install - 10
VFM - 9 (as it is unique at the moment)
Overall - 8
Here is Sam’s video review

I love his introduction…..