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Kicker KiSL Speaker Wire to RCA Converter

May 08 2017 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

Product Details Manufacturer: Kicker Distributor: CELSUS Website: http://www.kicker.com/2-channel-speaker-rca-converter Typical Selling price: £9.99 This is simply a doodad to save you from having to learn how to ‘sodder’ as the Americans say. We say...

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MontieGear Y Shot Slingshot - FULLY LOADED!

Mar 24 2016 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

In our very first review of ‘stuff’ rather than pure audio here on the recently rebranded Talk Stuff, I thought that the lunacy of my new Y Shot catapult might entertain you. For I admit that in my youth at school, I was influenced by a writer called D...

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Ctek Battery Sense 12v Bluetooth Battery Monitor

Feb 05 2016 00:00 | samuelellis in Accessories

The Ctek battery sense monitor is a blue tooth battery monitor. It hooks up to your battery and then communicates with an app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android) to show you how full your battery is. Installing it is as simple as hooking it up to y...

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Target BluEye TETRA Detector

Dec 23 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

The Target BluEye is a small display device with LEDs that indicates proximity of emergency services’ personnel and vehicles by reception of their TETRA radio system signals. It has a small oblate hideaway box and needs an antenna. It does not ‘listen...

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Contigo Westloop Leak-Proof Insulated Flask

May 10 2013 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

In A Nutshell Edited from their own website: A 100% spill and leak-proof flask with auto-sealing technology to prevent accidental spills. The Contigo Westloop flask allows you to take a sip by pressing a button which reseals the flask when released. It...

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Scosche motorMouth™ II Bluetooth Streamer

Jan 06 2012 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

Product DetailsManufacturer: ScoscheWebsite:http://www.carphonekits.com/Pages/Product.aspx?P=2818Typical Selling price: £59.99DescriptionSmall Bluetooth device designed to allow hands free calling and stereo music streaming from any music player with...

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Pacific Accessory Corporation PAC-1 Level Contr...

Feb 14 2011 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

Product DetailsManufacturer: Pacific Accessory CorporationWebsite: http://www.celsusice.co.ukTypical Selling price: £19.80The LC-1 or level controller one, is a simple knob-in-a-box and as such is used to attenuate (or, conversely, let through) a sign...

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Ann Summers 12V DC Travel Rabbit Review

Nov 18 2010 23:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

Incongruous though it seems, welcome to the first review on the Talk Audio magazine since we changed over the software to Invision Power. I love this new system, just look at what we can now do....Product DetailsManufacturer: Ann SummersWebsite: http:...

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Blood of Copper

Oct 29 2008 15:54 | Guest in Accessories

No matter how awesome or KOAC-esque your mobile electronics are, (an adjective coined due to a review seen here) they depend in every way upon the wires you plug 'em in with. I found this out a serious long time ago….Wibble, wibble flashback effectsIt...

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KnuKonceptz KOL-AK0 1/0 Amp Wiring Kit

Oct 27 2008 13:32 | Guest in Accessories

A power cable system supplied not in a plastic blister like so many but a regular open-top box. This means that when you order your power kit, you specify the fuse size you need from any in the range from 60 Amperes up to 300 Amperes. KnuKonceptz make...

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