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Clarion Z3, Z7, Z25W Component Digital Speakers

Sep 21 2016 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Speakers

“LOVE SEX INTELLIGENCE”, sang those folks known as The Shamen. These Clarion speakers come with their own highly sophisticated Digital Signal Processor and what that can do, via their app, with said new Z series Clarion full digital speakers, is breath...

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MontieGear Y Shot Slingshot - FULLY LOADED!

Mar 24 2016 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

In our very first review of ‘stuff’ rather than pure audio here on the recently rebranded Talk Stuff, I thought that the lunacy of my new Y Shot catapult might entertain you. For I admit that in my youth at school, I was influenced by a writer called D...

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Ctek Battery Sense 12v Bluetooth Battery Monitor

Feb 05 2016 00:00 | samuelellis in Accessories

The Ctek battery sense monitor is a blue tooth battery monitor. It hooks up to your battery and then communicates with an app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android) to show you how full your battery is. Installing it is as simple as hooking it up to y...

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JVC KD-R741BT Single DIN CD Tuner with USB, Aux...

Mar 11 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Source Units

A category of review that is really about the heritage and branding, because the unit has been superseded. It got a bit buried but I still wanted to have a go on it rather than send it home untested. The very latest iteration of this level of device ha...

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Clarion SW2513B Passive Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

Feb 08 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Subwoofers

Clarion SW2513B Ten Inch Passive Subwoofer Enclosure: Small trapezoidal passive bass box (as in, it has NO amplifier of its own built-in, so needs an external amp to drive it.) with single coil ten inch woofer and a port. Also known as ‘Bass Reflex’....

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Target BluEye TETRA Detector

Dec 23 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Accessories

The Target BluEye is a small display device with LEDs that indicates proximity of emergency services’ personnel and vehicles by reception of their TETRA radio system signals. It has a small oblate hideaway box and needs an antenna. It does not ‘listen...

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Kenwood XR400-4 Four Channel Amplifier

Aug 19 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Amplifiers

Product Details Manufacturer: Kenwood Website: http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/products/car/amplifiers/XR400-4/ Typical Selling price: £229.99 on line WHAT IT IS Four channel amplifier of Class D design, made to be extremely thin and to have a...

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Morel Virtus 602 2-Way Component Speakers

Aug 19 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Speakers

Speakers: Morel Virtus 602 2-way components Manufacturer: Morel Distributor: Flagship Distribution Website: http://www.morelhifi.com/car-audio/virtus-3 Typical Selling price: £599.99 020 8838 8838 (Auto Audio) to order… In A Nutshell The still reass...

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Jun 18 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Music & Media

So, I see this, on Facebook. “I gotta FAN!” and it reminded me to draw your attention to the advert on the site to the left of this story, in the margin. Click a few page refreshes and you will see the Bass Mekanik advert. Bassotronics is on their labe...

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New Bass Mekanik Album: Bass Trap

Feb 04 2014 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Music & Media

It’s never not cool when the Mekanik releases new music and we are avowed fans here on Talk Audio. Right now, you can go buy it on iTunes but in due course the album will also appear on the superb BandCamp site, who are the bastions of digital excellen...

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