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How to apply Sound Deadening

Many users request information on sound deadening application on the forums.

Here is a great example of good sound deadening application using Dynamat in VW Golf Mk4


Prep the door.. strip as much of the door as you can.. and clean the surface.

Apply the dynamat to the internal skin. You dont have to cover every last bit of metal.. just get as much coverage of the large areas as possible. Notice the bottom right of the door where the speaker will be.. I have 3 layers.. the rest of the door is just one. This is where most of the energy will be focused.

Posted Image

There is no point covering the impact bar.. this will be the most rigid part of the door.. its not going to flex.

Posted Image

In most cars.. you wont have this much access to the inner skin. To get in.. cut the dynamat to size, roll it up into a tube.. feed it through cut outs in the door and unroll it in the cavity.. then pull the backing off and apply.

Posted Image

On the outer skin, remember to leave access to bolts, holes for cable clips etc.. Again.. you dont need total coverage.. also try and double up closer to the speaker.

What you want to do is cover any un-need holes.. and seal the air in the cavity so you create an enclosure for your speaker.. VW have handily taken car of that.. but in other cars.. basicaly what you want to do is replace the damp sheet with dynamatt..

Keep all cables and fixings you might need access to above the dynamat.

The above took 2 rolls.


Posted Image

Now even I will admit that the above is over kill.. and I used 6 rolls here..

The most important bits to cover are the thin metal areas.. like the wheel well, and the parts of thin metal that make up the inner body work.

I have stuffed the cavities between the outer skin and the wheel arches with old (clean) towels as it would not be possible to get any dynamatt in there.



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hello mate how long did it take you to strip your doors to do the dynamat coz im looking to do my bora and was it a easy strip down
Hi chap...this was written a while ago and I am not sure who the author was - I would slap the same question on the general car audio forum...