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Installation & Fabrication

How to Seal a door (mini tutorial)

Next to deal with is the inner door skin.Once you are happy you have properly covered the inside of the external skin you are ready to seal up the door.Again make sure you are working with a clean surface. Then address the holes you used to feed your d...

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Common Router Bits

May 03 2008 22:24 | Guest in Installation & Fabrication

In car audio installation you will only ever really need 4 bits.... Straight/flute cutter This your general purpose bit that you will use for cutting rings etc. 1/4" is perfect for most things. The best investment you can make is to by a decent straigh...

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How to build custom door builds

May 03 2008 22:24 | Guest in Installation & Fabrication

Ok.. the mission if you choose to accept it is to build custom door pods to house 6.5" mid bass drivers that will blend in with the original door card.   Step 1: Using a dry board marker.. sketch out the shape of the build. Step 2: Strip the door ca...

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Merging builds with the door card

May 03 2008 22:23 | Guest in Installation & Fabrication

This tutorial is a continuation of my previous door build tutorial. Many the same techniques have been used so I havent gone into as much detail on certain sections so I advise you read the first tutorial here.In this tutorial, I will show you how to b...

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Dead quick tweeter builds.

May 03 2008 22:10 | Guest in Installation & Fabrication

A quick step by step guide to building some tweeter builds for your A-pillars. These were so quick, cheap and easy to do. On with the pics....... First I cut the holes out to slightly sink the tweeter cups in.   Drilled loads of holes to make it ea...

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Car Security Glossary

Jul 17 2007 21:05 | Guest in Installation & Fabrication

Glossary of terms for security systems Please note: while some of these items are generic terms, some are specific to the Clifford family of car alarms. 2 Way Paging: The remote control is in communication with the alarm on the car. Every command given...

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The Ethos of Car Security

Jul 17 2007 20:52 | Guest in Installation & Fabrication

This first of a 2-parter on securing your car and ICE is designed to give you an idea of the security options available to you, while it's sequel will answer your frequently asked questions regarding security.  Accompanying this piece is a glossary of...

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