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Regular readers will know that as well as the video pane on the right hand side of the magazine front page, we also have a full video content management system. This categorises the videos we put in there, which can be retitled and annotated from any YouTube source, in Bass, Products, Interviews and so forth. These are generally my own ones from my own Presenterbloke channel. I am quite chuffed to have been able to get to use such an easy ‘generic’ easy to recall name on there and in recent times have become a YouTube Partner, with my own monetisation going on. It’s double challenging as any music which is recognisable will get the attention of the copyright owners.

Anyway, I use various formats and one of the most successful, luckily, is “Fat Limey In Madly Cluttered Office, Waxing Lyrical” I know Adam from JVC has told me that they like these and that Atsuhiro Takedas videos of Alpine stuff in my office are yet again, taking off good and sweetly, so cheers, Guv!

If you read a few articles then you will see the ads change as the pages turn. One top banner, mostly in orange, is from InCarTec and as well as selling widgetty things for installers, (clicky that banner..) they also do some really cute little accessory doodads. One of which is this… at time of typing it is on 207,843 views!

I swagged one or two products to give away – well five actually - and asked the recipients if they could chip in with a video of their installation when done. And Gwynn Malcolm, one of my most staunch readers of all, who is my top ‘comper’ and goes for the swags with righteous zeal, has followed through in diamond style. As I type, I ain’t even seen it. But all the above is just showing off…here is Gwynns vid:

He said, “finally got round to fitting that aux jack plug thing. Here is the video I promised…”

Cheers mate!




ive been using it all week for commuting and it's really really fantastic. SQ is...... Well mp3 via jack to RCA to aux isn't going to be great but it's more than acceptable for daily use and a lot better than piles of cd's rattling round the glovebox. Best bit is as long as my wee ipl op is plugged in my daughters isn't!!


once again thank you so much :D

how do i get one

That doesn't have the USB charging point. Come on Adam give us  a link to where we can buy this please?



search the incartec site, everything is listed there