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The Las Vegas CES 2014 CES UNVEILED Event

The CES unveiled event, held beside Old Father Thames in the OXO building in central London was good but only had a few dozen people at it and one small room of desktop exhibits. By comparison, the CEA’s CES Unveiled event at the mighty Mandalay Bay resort/casino on the Monday before Tuesday’s opening day in Las Vegas, had a room the size of the UK car audio expo, stuffed with exhibitors and a mass of press from all over the world, numbering in the hundreds.

I was there and thrilled to make it. There were some truly cool toys, like the new gismos from our friends at Parrot..


And there was a fabulous subwoofer box, from Prescient Audio, who have the biggest voice coil on any speaker I ever saw and are going to be offering up an automotive version as well as scaling their tech to work in phones and all sorts of cool applications for speakers.

Prescient subwoofery

Escort Radar Detectors’ Passport Max is a beast…

And I hosed a few folks down with video clippery…this is the CES Unveiled event at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Monday before the Tuesday opening day.

Meanwhile, the first actual press event was the Voxx corp… who sell all THESE brands!

..and their BIG thing this year is THIS device that recognizes human irises.. two at a time, making the uniqueness hit a theoretical level where fifteen times the current global human population can be told apart.

The era of the password is OVER! Biometrics for the PEOPLE!

I have created a gallery for the pictures and will be adding to it… and each entry will simply have a longer gallery in it. In the following articles, you will be getting this same link and if you have seen the previous pictures, then you can scroll the thumbnail bar at the top of the gallery slideshow display to start where you like… enjoy!


OK, I have uploaded and edited six clips of video together, I wrote and added a snap to my This Week editorial. I added a silly clip in my hotel room to YouTube via my Galaxy S4 and placed it onto TATV. Now, I have just finished the gallery and this little article… I hope you like it. LOTS more to come from the show itself tomorrow… VIVA LAS VEGAAAAAS!!