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Modified Nationals Show 2016 - My Last

Hilariously, this was my 13th, Modified Nationals Show. Odd but true, this article has taken me some time to get round to writing. This is because I had the most unpleasant experience at a car show of my entire career. So much so, that I’ll not be attending any more car shows as such any more.

I am so done. It was VILE.

I was going to write about the experience and then decided it would give oxygen to the nastiest, most deluded and childish bit of attention whoring I had ever come across. They thought they were at an art show…

I will just pop some videos from previous years below the main edit from this year.

This was a while back. “Will you both marry me and have my kittens?” Holly Dolly and me mucker Nikki Lee were promoting Wicked Weasel teeny weeny bikinis. Just under 40,000 views…

“Dolly Delight likes a good ride on a vibrating car!” At 28,000 views and rising still.

The Babewash, MAIN STAGE.

Yup, it’s all about art…….


Sad for car shows, from the early Donny days to the latest Mod Nats.

Thank You for being "Adam" there's Only One.

I've messaged you. Don't let one bad experience / nasty incident ruin things for you. Rise above