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Just when I was starting to feel a tiny bit cleverer about actually moving from gonzo no-cuts videos to some degree of edited video work, I get sent this stuff. It is brilliant. Way better than the state of my weak art. For I got a serious bite on my request to the Dutchmen. Alexander Roeken and his chums are running a full-on own-territory version of Propper Droppers. That's the most insane of all the car audio bass competitions. Where how deep you can play loud is what matters. So no sissy 70Hz burpers here. No, PD has the heaviest bass tones in the lanes of any format.

It kinda needed doing and when Marcos Barnes decided to put his lifeblood into making a new format and devised this crazy concept, I was a massive advocate and fan. If I was Leonardo Da Vinci, dreaming before his time, Marcos was Sikorsky and actually built the helicopter.

For those who don't know how it works, it's easy. You crank your bass with tones rather than music and then an average is taken. The rules evolve but essentially if you can do well, doors open or shut and go down to whale calling frequencies, then you will be killer in PD.

So here are the awesome Dutch. Poly-lingual, talented competitors, awesome systems, even cool tunes over the footage. GAH!

But they didn't just send me the one...

I got three! And this one has their 2014 finals coverage.

I want to send a huge thank you to those enterprising guys for making these especially for Talk Audio TV use and I will even consider forgiving you for being that much better than me at videography...

stop press!

One extra episode!

You rock....


Behalf of the whole Dutch Propper-Droppers crew and all their competitors and fans, you are more than welcome Adam. There are many more video's on the YouTube channel and lots of information like photo's, scores, calender and impressions at the Facebook page or (ofcourse) at the official Dutch PD website www.propper-droppers.nl Would love to see some UK bassheads (or any other country) at our shows in The Netherlands. Feel free to join us. You are more than welcome.