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Huets Ice Nite Six

Some while back, I started my article about the last Huets Ice Nite by saying: “Huets The In-Car Specialists team have done event organising for twenty years, including a full blown sound off attached to a custom car show at Hickstead showground. I wonder how many current readers can recall or attended THOSE events? And since, they have run shop open evenings called Ice Nites with great success, every now and again..” This was the occasion of their sixth ‘Ice Nite’ and although not massively attended, (numbers were low at the Modified Nationals, and also low at the JL Audio dealer events recently) the folks who did show. were all deadly serious about their rides. At Huets, they are increasingly involved in the VW T5 conversion market and even had a motor caravan maker-vendor that hey work with extensively, in the house as it were.

Without further ado, here are some pics of the night at the Nite and also, the video I shot, complete with mesmeric daft shot at the end where I say to camera, ”They’ve all gorne ‘ome!”

The unit…

Poshest coffee and flapjacks, EVAH!

Mr. George Jenkins, International Executive with JL Audio, visited the store as part of a European jaunt that saw him visiting Italy and Greece on the same trip!

“Expose yourself to car audio” was my caption as it looks as if….


The smallish photo gallery with captions, is right here: http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/ipb/index.php/gallery/slideshow/album-491/

Book your car in or find out more by calling Huets The In Car Specialists on 01273 441 845.
The simple facts are that they are maybe the finest we have, for the longest time in the UK. Their dad, Pierre E Huet, was a very well known man in the trade. And years ago, when I was a rep (it seems so distant now - and the lads had HAIR) I knew their mama..just as a rep from a supplier.
I love these guys and their work is just so damn good. The word is out there and I cannot relate the names of the Great & The Good who have been customers. But if you want to really discuss the serious stuff, they know about it as well as the more mainstream jobs.