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REBECCA SMITH : TAKEN TOO YOUNG 12/7/1986 - 5/1...

Oct 06 2016 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Sometimes the Circle Of Life gets taken the ripping piss out of. We are all supposed to be orphans one day, for the only alternative is our parents living to see their children die before them. Once, I had to take my VERY pregnant wife to her Uncle Tom...

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Modified Nationals Show 2016 - My Last

Jul 28 2016 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Hilariously, this was my 13th, Modified Nationals Show. Odd but true, this article has taken me some time to get round to writing. This is because I had the most unpleasant experience at a car show of my entire career. So much so, that I’ll not be atte...

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HARMAN On Board The Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

Sep 16 2015 08:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

MORE UTTERLY SEXY NEWS FROM THE FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW. This JBL OEM system is 1.25kW! The new Ferrari 488 GTB Spider features premium JBL by HARMAN audio for best-in-class listening experience – even at top speed! International Motor Show (IAA), Frankfu...

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EMMA Round 5 & Championship Presentation

Sep 16 2015 01:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Coming up rapidly, this Saturday week, as the oldies say, on the 26th September next.... It is round FIVE of the never-been-better EMMA Sound Off Series. THE UK FINAL EVENT! To be held at the open weekend at Car Audio Security and sponsored by Car Audi...

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ICE T-21

Aug 11 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Like an old but loved Christmas Bauble, the ICE-T meet write ups always start with this bit pulled out of the box… “The Ice T meetings have a long and illustrious history for Talk Audio. For as well as meets up and down the land and those on the beach...

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Ultimate Street Car 2015

Aug 07 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

The Santa Pod drag strip has heritage for me going back twenty years and even more. As a thirteen year old in the blistering summer of 1976 (yes I AM that ancient…) when we moved house, we had this builder working on the fixer-upper we moved to, called...

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ICE-T21: August 8th 2015

Jun 08 2015 08:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

I don't usually highlight any given thread on the forum but this needs to be seen by everyone, even those few who see the mag but might miss a post. It's self explanatory and very cool. I shall most certainly be there to snap and video...ta_sjo and Rug...

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Jun 06 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Just when I was starting to feel a tiny bit cleverer about actually moving from gonzo no-cuts videos to some degree of edited video work, I get sent this stuff. It is brilliant. Way better than the state of my weak art. For I got a serious bite on my r...

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Modified Nationals Show 2015

May 29 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Now in year twelve, the Modified Nationals Show, long since simply called ‘The Nationals’, was showing some kind of new trend and growth at last. Not in sheer numbers, as this scene is only for folks with some disposable income, after all. But in the n...

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Huets Ice Nite Six

May 28 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in Shows & Events

Some while back, I started my article about the last Huets Ice Nite by saying: “Huets The In-Car Specialists team have done event organising for twenty years, including a full blown sound off attached to a custom car show at Hickstead showground. I won...

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