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Since time immemorial, Las Vegas, also known as Sin City - has had the big tech show. Now to be called simply CES™, what was once known as the International Consumer Electronics Show now prefers it brief. And it always had the ADULT section, that you automatically had a ticket to, if you qualified for entrance to CES.

About half past The Nineties, that changed and you had to be in the trade or be on a fan ticket to get in the rude bit. The stories you heard were all true, about porn stars bored at the end of the show, ‘pouting’ at show-goers’ video cams on day four, “Here’s one for YOU, Johnny…” and they would edit them onto their own VHS copies. I think.. or something… Anyway, hilariously, one year I got in with snapper Spike BECAUSE we had the odd naked boob in Fast Car. It was like that bit in Time Bandits when David Rappaport was hanging upside down bragging about being tough.. ARRRR! Like pirates, we got in.

As a CES person, press and all, my contact was traded a tad about the CES press-suppliers, or the PR peoples. I signed and ticked and started to get the press releases from the USA adult industry. Now while adult performers are normally only part of our world at car shows (I have videos on my YouTube “Shardaey and Caramella…”) I haven’t been posting the admittedly awesome stuff that this top diligent PR agency sends but you gotta see this. It is about the latest Bluetooth technology..honest!

Adult toys and videography have always been the first users of technology as after all, the motivation is strong..but this is hanging ten off the front of the leading-edge of the wave…now read on…

2016 Engadget Best of CES winner also showcases additions to TASL compatible vibrators and Club Vibe lines in LVCC booth 9527

January 4, 2017 (Las Vegas, NV) — OhMiBod marks its seventh year at the world’s largest showcase of emerging technology by announcing the first-ever software developers kit for intimacy products. The sex tech innovator will also showcase the new Lovelife Please and Club Vibe 3.OH wearable remote control vibrators. OhMiBod’s sexual health and lifestyle products will be on display in booth 9527 in the iProducts section (North Hall) of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The new OhMiBod SDK will support the blueMotion line of Bluetooth enabled products. First of its kind, the development environment’s availability will coincide with the late spring upgrade of blueMotion vibrators to BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) chipsets. Developers can sign up to receive information on the SDK release at http://www.OhMiBod.com/developer

“Our SDK represents an exciting advancement for sexual health technology, particularly as it relates to intimacy and couples play,” says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “There is an extraordinary pool of creative, talented developers as well as existing platforms who can use our environment to create apps that take intimacy to new heights, whether it’s through gamification or integration with dating platforms like Tinder or Grindr.”

OhMiBod’s Lovelife Please will also debut at CES 2017. Available this spring, the wearable vibrator features Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with OhMiBod’s TASL (The Art of Science and Love) app. Introduced in 2016, TASL paired with the Lovelife krush Kegel exerciser to help women improve their PC muscle fitness. The app will feature GO PLAY functionality — an update that allows users and their partners to control the Lovelife Please and krush as vibrators. OhMiBod’s Lovelife krush won Engadget’s 2016 Best of CES award for digital health and fitness.

Visitors to the OhMiBod booth will also see the Club Vibe 3.OH wearable remote control vibrator. Smaller, quieter, and fully rechargeable, the 3.OH extends the legacy of its award-winning predecessor with three built-in modes: tease, club, and groove. The new tease mode helps enhance couples play through manual vibration patterns. Club mode — a hallmark of the Club Vibe collection — streams ambient sound directly to the vibrator, while groove mode lets users cycle through five preset patterns.

“The Club Vibe line has always rewarded spontaneity, which is key to enhancing intimacy, passion, and excitement,” adds Dunham. “With new features such as a whisper-quiet motor, a smaller, more compact design, and increased sound sensitivity, the Club Vibe 3.OH ensures that spontaneity and privacy go hand in hand.”

For more on OhMiBod at CES 2017, visit LVCC booth 9527 in the iProducts section (North Hall) or http://www.ohmibod.com. To stay up-to-date on the OhMiBod SDK, sign up for release announcements at http://www.ohmibod.com/developer.

About OhMiBod

OhMiBod is the creator of the original music vibrator and an award-winning innovator of technology-focused pleasure products. Headquartered in New Hampshire, USA, OhMiBod seeks to be the catalyst that shifts cultural attitudes toward intimacy and self pleasure and the vital role it plays in one’s sexual health and well being. For more information on OhMiBod and its range of pleasure products and accessories, visit http://www.OhMiBod.com