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Noble’s finest IEM engineering allows today’s high-resolution audio to be heard as it should. Following its announcement late in 2016, Noble Audio’s groundbreaking Kaiser Encore, its new proprietary technology 10-driver in-ear monitor built for high-resolution audio, is now in full production and ready to order (£1,699)

First revealed in late 2016, Noble Audio’s new Kaiser Encore, a ten-driver in-ear monitor which now features proprietary drive units, is in full production and available for immediate shipping. The US-made Kaiser Encore is built for high-performance audio and is a direct descendant of Noble’s Kaiser 10U, arguably the most acclaimed IEM there’s ever been. The new Kaiser Encore retains the musical essence and engaging presentation of its predecessor while introducing the sonic advantages of proprietary drive units, x10! The Kaiser Encore builds on the K10U’s success with Noble’s own balanced-armature drivers taking performance to the next level. The proprietary drive units introduce improvements to the critical midrange, adding additional clarity and bringing a more neutral tonal balance. The redefined midrange integrates seamlessly with the rest of the frequency spectrum as with Noble’s other multi-driver IEMs and CIEMs.

The implementation of 10 Noble Audio drivers per earpiece allows the Kaiser Encore to take full advantage of today’s high-resolution music, reproducing the full frequency range, dynamics and detail. The increased clarity that the new proprietary balanced armature drivers bring, also contributes to a larger soundstage presentation, with greater imaging accuracy and enhanced spatial representation, giving the feeling of larger, on-ear model.

The Kaiser Encore also introduces a number of aesthetic improvements over its predecessor and features Noble’s updated universal form factor and geometry. Each 10-driver piece features beautifully designed, US-made precision-machined aluminium housings, with each pair hand-assembled and matched. The two-part aluminium chassis is smaller and lighter than the previous Kaiser 10U flagship.

Sensitive enough for everyday use with smartphones, portable amps and DAPs (Digital
Audio Players), the Kaiser Encore features a detachable cable with an industry standard 2-pin connection, allowing future upgrades from aftermarket cable specialists. The Kaiser Encore is available in universal form, as a custom-fit version (using acrylic) and in Noble Audio’s Prestige format (machined from exotic solid materials). Further features include a Pelican 1010 case (crush-proof carrying case); a black velvet soft pouch; 12 pairs of ear tips (four kinds in three sizes); two Noble Audio bands or amp bands; a cleaning tool; a Noble cable and an ownership card.

Noble Audio Encore IEM

New US-made model now with ten proprietary drive units per side (ear)
Designed to exploit the full potential of today’s high-resolution audio
Updated Noble form factor and geometry featuring refined US-made precision-machined aluminium housings — smaller and lighter than predecessor
Sensitive enough for use with smartphones and portable audio devices
Detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration, so upgradeable
Universal-fit as standard — custom-fit available for a supplement (acrylic)

Kaiser Encore is available now (£1,699) from dealers or http://nobleaudio.com

About Noble Audio

Noble Audio is a California-based in-ear monitor (IEM) specialist with a comprehensive product line principally designed by audiologist Dr. John Moulton AuD CCC-A. Offering universal and bespoke custom-fit monitors, the company has an international reputation for excellence across its range and is revered for its design aesthetic and exceptional sound quality.

The company’s painstakingly handcrafted custom designs, which often feature materials such as 24K gold nugget, carbon fibre, and some of the world’s most exotic woods, have earned Noble Audio a devoted global client base of discerning audiophiles. Its bespoke commissions have produced some of the most uniquely alluring audio products, representing a true juncture of art and function.

Today, Noble Audio has an extensive product portfolio from every day in-ear monitors to reference-level nine- and ten-driver custom-fit products.

Website: http://nobleaudio.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/nobleaudio

Instagram: http://instagram.com/nobleaudio (or @nobleaudio)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/noblebywizard (or @noblebywizard)