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Regular readers may recall the story about the new camcorder I was sent by JVC. It is an Everio. It comes in many colours, including the awesome camouflage and while the action-cameras of the world have a fixed-focus, albeit switchable before shooting, you cannot zoom them. In fact, prior to this, the ‘camcorder’ market was deemed dead, with the big stores ceasing to list them as a category. The coolest thing was that once closed up correctly, this flip-screen camcorder is actually WATERPROOF! That’s in addition to being dust proof, shock proof and capable of taking mad thermal shock and still working. It has an internal battery and is written about here. https://www.talkstuff.net/index.php/index.html/_/features/news/and-i-filmed-it-all-on-my-jvc%E2%80%A6-r2043

However, as I was ‘sponsored’ by getting that, I had a bit of grief and was accused of lack of journalistic independence…. THIS was my response.

The really cool thing is the microphone. It is very high quality indeed, so I can make High Fidelity recordings.

Google that puppy.. able to record in a 155dB sound field, it sayeth… so expect more and better video work coming soon!

..oh and I PAID for it….


Wow that is a beast! I can't wait to see some in car footage with it.

Massive learning curve, results so far pretty rough!