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JL Audio Treat Musicians To Rolling Reference Sound Systems

Dayum but it can be odd being a Godfather. I have two Godchildren, Harry and Daniel… I have been called a Godfather of the UK Bass Scene. I am kinda past it for the three days on my feet shouting at thousands of people in the Doncaster Racecourse stands, or stuff like compering the “Adam Rayner’s Big Badaboom” a few years back. I managed to get all three main players in the bass car audio contest scene to get together and have all three formats run as a triumvirate for one event; This resulted in Ed Elson being crowned Bass King 2014 (or was it ‘13?) and being presented with an embroidered trophy jacket so over the top, that he does not wear it, rather framing it and treating it like WBC boxing trophy belt!

And that whole scene has changed. These days, we have thousands of niche interests and clubs and the truly ‘mass’ media is limited to tiny clips of pandas hiccuping. Thus, the days when my mum was on one of three channels on TV and thus became a household name, “Like Harpic, Dahling” and when Max Power had four million readers a month, including hand-on readership, are gone.

Which adds up to the musicians of 2017, the leading new acts still not knowing about posh end car audio from mass media. It also means that I IZ WELL OLD BRAH. (This leading edge shizzle makes me feel every year.. . of course.) Said urban artistas have made inroads into success and learned about pro audio sound quality and PA power on the way. But unless they have been part of the car scene as such, they may never have had any idea just how cool a car can sound or how awesome an install can look. Stuff about ‘studio clean’ and ‘club power’ is to be expected…

With MODESTEP last year, JL Audio have a history of hooking up the talented up-and-coming bass music stars with audio and this year have two sets of creators they have extended the love to. One pair of outfits here and one pair Stateside. World renowned artists in the Dubstep, Grime, Drum N’Bass and House music genres, in the UK it’s Jaguar Skills and Circus Records (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P) and in ‘Murica, it’s Vonstroke & DirtyBird records.

Take the word of a dude old enough to be dem’s papa, these are worthy….

The acknowledged Coolest Executive In UK Car Audio, Mr. Mark Baker of the Enjoyment Delivery Firm who bring JL Audio in to the UK (Honest! That is their actual motto! “We Deliver Enjoyment” while “How We Play” is JL USA’s own one) said, “This is part of our drive to bring AMAZING car audio to bass music fans across the globe. Anything you can do to help us spread the word would be awesome.” before adding, “The reactions from the artists are phenomenal and testament to the quality of JL Audio products. No music fan should go without amazing tunes in their car. As an industry we need to get the word out.” I couldn’t agree more…

Here is the playlisted cluster of videos of the talented outfits getting the love.. I have to embed them separately…

Aww bless ‘em!

Installers in the video are Advanced Vehicle Alarms in Lewisham; Tel: 020 8318 9200 ask for Bill. http://www.advancedvehiclealarms.co.uk/

Urban Automotive in Milton Keynes.Tel: 01908 886210 ask for Lenny. http://www.urban-automotive.co.uk/
In both cases, tell them ‘The Fat Man Sent Me’..