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At the very top end of the high quality Phoenix Gold brand of car audio from the USA, there is another, yet more exalted echelon than “Elite”. A level of sheer excellence, so bonkers, that you simply do not make these to leave lying around in a box. No, their Zen is so strong, they must be fashioned by desire. Hewn from the aether upon demand by the magical pixies who make Phoenix Gold, (well, senior assembly technicians in fact, along with a Surface Mount robot or two, perhaps) as and when they are ordered. And only 120 were ever to be made.. all are already pre-ordered….

Meet the Phoenix Gold Zen9 nine-channel amplifier:

The ZEN9 pushes the rich tradition of limited edition amplifiers to a new level. A 9-channel Pure Sound Quality amplifier, no filtering, with the highest quality components.

PUR Input Signal Circuit: The input signal directly feeds the audio stage of the amplifier to maintain the purest possible audio signal. Crossover filters, bass boost and excessive op-amps and other circuit items that add noise and distortion are completely absent from the signal path.

JET Thermal System: The chambered heat sink is kept cool by two variable speed fans working in a push/pull configuration. This cuts operating temperatures in half, compared to most traditional heatsink designs.

HYBRID Audio Design: Channels 1 to 8 run on an audiophile tuned Triple Darlington class AB design that offers Sanken output devices. Channel 9 is an ultra-efficient Class D mono channel with a high-end stable output stage design.


Class AB & D Hybrid audiophile design system
Oversized unregulated quad-design power
Hand-Wound Power Supplies
Triple Darlington channels with Sanken output transistors
PUR Direct input circuit
JET Apart chambered push/pull fan-cooled heatsink
85 gram gold plated circuit board
Dual 50 mm² power supply input terminals
Panel mounted RCA input terminals
High-temp. Open plexiglass cover
Audio quality precision verification
Very limited edition ONLY 120!
L 76.7 cm. x W 25.3 cm. H x 7 cm.