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Boom AND Tweak! Music in FLAC & Apple Lossless for Both Audiophiles & Bassheads

Talk Audio Becomes The Only Site Worldwide to Offer FLAC To All Tribes
Little Old Talk Audio may not be a mighty Japanese hardware house, nor a slim but potent software operation from California worth millions but we have the damn finest moderator and tech team on the 'net and we are so hooked up it's awesome. We have site associates from Alpine and Blaupunkt to Xtreme Dynamat and ZR JL Audio speakers. We are sponsored on Talk Audio TV by Sony and review stuff from the affordable to the aspirational, including headphones from time to time.

And now, we are proud as Punch to announce that you are a click away from some of the most amazingly clear and crisp full range and breathtakingly dynamic high sound quality recordings you will ever hear. For Talk Audio's latest site associate is Bowers & Wilkins with their fabulous Society Of Sound label. http://www.bowers-wi...of_Sound/Music/ Or you can refresh this page until you see the skyscraper banner in the margin change to the Society of Sound advert and click it.

After all, Bowers & Wilkins leave a significant pile of their delicious 800 series loudspeakers in my home to act as resident reference for use in speaker reviewing for Home Cinema Choice magazine. So I feel the least we can do is serve our deep audiophile community on Talk Audio, as well as the bass head one and offer a route to music they will all truly appreciate. We already had access to boom from the Bass Mekanik in FLAC or Lossless and now we have more....

Both classical and more outer field stuff from some of the most important players in popular music as well from the B&W Society of Sound. I am particularly keen to get on board to hear the new Peter Gabriel album New Blood. Here's what the Society Of Sound website has to say about it:  

"New Blood is a continuum of Peter’s previous album, Scratch My Back, a song-swap project where he covered the songs of others, all to an orchestral backing. This time it’s Peter’s own extensive catalogue he’s chosen to explore alongside John Metcalfe’s meticulous arrangements."

here's more detail about the album...

Peter Gabriel has always been at the leading edge of recording technology and musical exploration. It seems to be a big slice of his makeup and one of the reasons he is so important, I reckon. I have his stuff on just about every surround sound format demo disc ever issued, as he loves multichannel and gigs in-the-round. He said, "We were trying to explore things to see if we could do it differently. We may not have always succeeded, but there are places on this record where you hear something that you won’t have heard before. And that’s what’s always exciting for me."

And if it excites Peter Gabriel, it'll be cool!

The Society of Sound is a subscription service. For £33.95 a year you get a big slice of FLAC (or Apple lossless if you prefer) goodness. You will get a lot of classical music and thus it is really a society for grown ups, but you know what? I think we do have a few about the place, just not as rowdy as the boomers and to them, I salute your ears and taste and please do chip in below if you discover this and go for it and tell us what you think!

Meanwhile on the other end of the scale, you can get FLAC and full fat Appley files from the Bass Mekanik label by doing the same clickthrough thing on their margin square advert to BANDCAMP, or just hit this: http://bassmekanik.b...ttons-activated



That is a proper coup /wow.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wow:' /> I only knew of one HD lossless download site before (HD Tracks), and they weren't keen to allow non-US residents to play /sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

Great work Adam (and anyone else involved too!) /biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
You a free Three month trial when you purchase a B&W product

Thankies very much.


Now take your hand and lift it high in the air and give yourself a big pat on the back, good work.