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The Steve Meade TAHOE interview

At last, I am able to release the STEVE MEADE TAHOE INTERVIEW VIDEO! I caught up with him in Las Vegas and this was the start of the feature in Fast Car about to be published. A HUGE THANKS are due to Rockford, who paid to ship Fast Car's BRILLIANT snapper man, Connor Surdi, from his home in Seattle, to Sacramento. An actual flight but at this range they were neighbours! He is a deeply cool dude and I also have a general interview, which we shall also run, again supported by a twenty minute video.

Listen to how he manages the huge power of his system, and the massive amounts of copper ropes involved.

Only a hundred and seventy million hits at the time, it was one hundred and eighty-one million by publication-writing time.



There is my big audio friend!

Great to see his big head again.

Oh, and look...

Steve Meade is there too!