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Here is the reason why JL Audio UK have been so bloody quiet in recent weeks! I call, I nag, I beg for news… and figured it was just because they were busy. Bloody hell were they busy? Modestep, a jolly cool beat combo much beloved, I gather, by young persons, enjoy a bit of bass. And the chaps at JL Audio UK have been all over them like they were nettles and Modestep walked amongst them naked!

They have had a JL Audio car installed for an outfit with a following of millions online… nothing crazy - but GOOD.

Most of my career, I have failed miserably at what they call creating a crossover and I don't mean a traffic cop for sounds. It looks like JL Audio have done it. This is about music fans, becoming aware of our word for real. Or rather fans of the Bass Music Movement, with which JL Audio have become involved as well (this is so cool, it hurts) finding out about car audio again. This is basic education. One lad is kinda inarticulate, he is so dang flipped out by it all… but he does try to explain that the JL Audio bass is not only amazingly deeper than he is used to, as in the whole bottom range they heard on studio monitors with two fifteens per side, in an acoustically-treated studio control room, but is is also powerful, as against just 50Hz of shouty distortion. He is a pukka musician and he and his brother are just lovely blokes.

Listen to the sort of music they make. Watch their faces in the video clip and admit that at 1:24 when you can easily lip read a profanity-of-astonishment, that right there is the Money Shot that Celsus funded by employing these badass videographers - and getting the long-term-legends that are Advanced Vehicle Alarms to do the install was a masterstroke.

Well done for keeping it under wraps and hilariously, the band released their copy of the video on their YouTube channel ahead of the planned release embargo… like musicians are controllable… but this was from keen-ness and being thrilled… and wanting to be FIRST, bless ‘em.

So check out the below and see Chris Bennett being down with the kids. Awesome…

Find JL Audio Here: http://www.jlaudio.co.uk/

Find the Bass Music Awards here: http://thebassmusicawards.com/