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I think I might need the help of a professional!

Regular readers may already have seen today's "This Week" column. It which I rashly bragged that I was going to upgrade my chum Adam's Transit Connect van. In fact, not only had I got the wrong adapter and failed to get an FM antenna converter but also, the lack of necessity for a fitting kit was about the need for the installer to carve out the original panel to allow for double DIN fitment. Adam is a multitalented craftsman and almost certainly could do this in his stride. However, the incredibly rugged steel rail that fits into the plastic shoe on the back of the Ford 6000 radio, will probably need to be removed. The JVC in question is a Tour De Force. I do have other units that might have fitted in better but Adam is a true audiophile and I keep hearing about amazing bits of his audio kit that he had long before I ever did! And having seen this wonderful machine he has fallen in love with it!

Now I have a small confession to make. I have always blithered on in print about how important it is to support your local dealer and while Auto Audio may be quite close by, Bob Griffiths shop Impulse is much closer and I'm guilty of ignoring them in the past! They have just had a rebrand and are now known as "Team Impulse". In a minor fit of gratitude for their patience, I figured I would make the video below when I went back to return the radio removal keys I had borrowed. Thing is, as it is so often the case, nothing is ever ruddy straightforward compared to plugging it in on a test bench and it is time to practice what I preach. Sound on Wheels' mobile operation based in North Harrow was the most local to my friend Beth, for when she got her JVC (I love her emotional reaction in her video to the first time she hears it!) but Team Impulse is next to the supermarket that we often use for our weekly shop. How much more local can you get?

So time to meet Bob and a couple of the lads at the shop who don't know they are about to get a booking from me!

If you're anywhere near to junction five of the M1 then Team Impulse are the only true shopfront car audio store in your area. Here's a link to their website http://www.impulsecar.com/