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Once, for Home Cinema Choice magazine, I was sent to write up the home theatre of a genuine first generation Elvis fan. I went along having already decided that this was going to be a dire and boring experience and came away, slightly embarrassed at how utterly I had changed my mind! The man was in his 70s and had all kinds of amazing memorabilia in his home cinema including two mannequins wearing copies of Elvis's stage jumpsuits!

He had of course been on the pilgrimage to Memphis and Graceland. Thing is, he had a story that was not in general circulation that he had found out about firsthand. He had visited the business that supplied these jumpsuits to Elvis's shows. It was a long time ago but he told me of a conversation with the owner.

For some time, the same young man was noticed gazing through his shop window with longing, at a pair of Levi’s. Finally, shopkeeper comes outside and asks this young man if he has a job. Young Elvis explained that he did having just become employed. At which the man said, “Well son, I will let you have them now and you can pay at the end of the month. You look trustworthy.” Elvis got his jeans and paid later.

Then came meteoric fame. He went back, complete with entourage and band, ordering stage wear and suits for everybody. “I will charge you at the end of the month as usual, Mr Presley…” I love that.

Mind you, the old boy was cool. He also had a full-size size, full price T2 replica Terminator bust!

OK, so, Elvis… there has been an exhibition on at the O2. Lots of artefacts cars and documents. Musical instruments, a pool table, clothing, records and even golf buggies! We went to take MeJulie’s dad who is also a fan. And again, for a dear chum’s birthday treat as he too is a fan. And I took my DSLR.

Not allowed flash, as this bleaches stuff as does sunlight, in time, it was still wondrous. I saw the radio in the dash and decided to show you the car and some artefacts.

Elvis’s Pink Cadillac

One Direction perfume? PAH!

Aircon controls

Kickwell speaker

Think this HAS to have been a dummy…

But this is real…

Here are all the photographs I took. I apologise for the lack of talent, for once, as this deserved better than I! Slideshow: http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/ipb/index.php/gallery/slideshow/album-504/

And for no other reason than that I used to rip the tarmac up to this tune on CD, back when it was brand new and mostly for darling Neeley as he LOVES Eighties Shizzle. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Natalie Cole, Nat’s daughter, singing about another Pink Cadillac…


:D xxx