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The old and wrinkly among you may recall a red Pug with Spearmint Rhino graphics and a mad Mmats ProAudio system in it. I featured it in Max Power a long time back… with a HUGE crane truck in the shoot. It was a happy accident, as we went to the A1/M25 truck park to make a shoot about the JUGGERNAUT subs in the car. The lorry carried a crane so big, it had been on Blue Peter AND Record Breakers on the telly! It had four walled fifteens worn like Beats headphones and was hella loud. The car was small, the hydraulic suspension, all bonky up-and-down at the bank only, was rare as the sight of my own todger (not often in hotels with full length mirrors..) and belonged to one Mr. John Royce. I helped get him his graphics sponsorship and later on, he went to work for them…

I felt a bit guilty about the career change I had inadvertently helped happen but before long, John decided it wasn’t a long term life choice, moved to London and met his wife.

Years later, John is a Road Train and specialist mad-end trucks and plant driver in Australia, having emigrated! And while he drives the most awesome things through awesome scenery, when he gets home on the Fly-In-Fly-Out, or FIFO shifts of days or weeks at a time, he still likes to keep his hobby-once-profession-passion, well fed.

I got this little missive after asking for the details and some pics, having seen what he did on Facebook!

“Hi Adam,
It was nice catching up the other day! As promised a description of Caitlyn's Hummer. When we brought the Hummer it was a standard children's car with no modifications. Since then its changed.. Well you know me, I have to pimp it up for my little girl. Or as Mel says, I was playing

Clarion VZ4040 with iPod Video Lead
Phoenix Gold QX4040 4 channel amp
Shark Fin Antenna
4 inch Response CS-2400 Kevlar Cone coaxial foot wells
6X9 " Response CS-2403 In Custom Box behind the seat with acoustic wadding inside
Second Battery under the seats

Voltage Gauge in dash
Blue LEDs in spot lights
Reversing Camera
Necvox 5.8in TFT LCD screen in the back
Panels trimmed in Red Vinyl & New Floor mat. Colour-changing neon lights under the car
B-ling Proper Mirrors.

The four channel amp, rear screen and reversing camera all came from previous installs in the UK. I was walking around Cash Converters and picked up a second-hand Clarion DVD unit for $100.00. - Bargain!

The four speakers I pad $120 new. The Battery was $210. I decided to trim all the panels in red, as this is her favourite colour and it also goes very well with the yellow. This was brought as a Christmas present for Caitlyn and when she saw it her eyes lit up and when she first drove it she nearly squashed the Christmas tree!

We have taken Caitlyn and the Hummer to several parks and she loves going around with the music playing and is often like the Pied Piper with other kids following her around the park. Occasionally when our dog Lola comes, she will jump in and sit next to Caitlyn.
I think she loves it just as much as me.

When Mel comes home and sees me working on the hummer she often asks if it’s mine or Caitlyn’s - I always tell her it's Caitlyn's but deep down I love the tinkering.

I have been trying to talk Mel around with the idea about putting a sub in. However if I had my way it would be sitting on airbags as well, which it may if I can do it undetected.

Photos will be sent to you separately. Please let me know if you need any other info. Speak with you soon.

John Royce.”

Do you know what? I don’t think I do need any more information but I do know this is a story full of love for our toys and for family. I love these guys and love the modern world that means we an just call each other and share stuff like this every time we like.

See ALL the pictures - there are a few more - here: http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/ipb/index.php/gallery/slideshow/album-486/