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I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed writing a headline quite as much as that one. If you read my This Week column, in which I get Humble Pie but no custard, you will know that Mitch Pirie saved my kao and invited me to the Gadget Show Live to see the exhibition but also to see the big theatre show that is not run on press day. This after my failing to attend on said press day. For Alpine had helped Jason’s team - happily credited on camera, although for some unfathomable reason, the lady in the organisers’ office told me with glowing excitement that he had built it all himself. I guess it comes down to how you define it. It was absolutely Jason’s project, managed and owned by him.

I nicked some footage of the live show, before finally leading the charge upon the stage afterwards, with Mitch and glassfibre meister Ashley of Alpine Technical, to get the low down on the DeLorean. During that, Bradbury-San appeared and we just hit the deck running. I particularly loved him for telling his colleague, ‘we’re just filming, David’ when this chap tried to usher us off….

I do so love The Gadget Show…


The cabling would be easy for EMMA judging. No need to pull back the carpet or get the photos out!