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Amazing Old Stager Available To Restore c/w TEN 140A Alternators.

Truly older bass heads will recall reading about Kam Jagpal. I recently heard from his lad, Kraig, all grown up and dealing with stuff for his dad. I will let his words do the explaining: “Hello Adam, I appreciate you do not know me, however I do know that you’re an old acquaintance of my dad’s - Kam Jagpal. We have recently decided that it’s time we did something with the Bigfoot that’s been parked on our driveway for the past 15 odd years! (Number one option is to get rid!) However, we can all appreciate that it’s not quite as simple as that and it’s not easy to put a price on such a vehicle. The sentimental value alone that it holds for my dad means that it’d be preferred for it to go somewhere it’d be appreciated, perhaps even taken to the next level?
After having a chat with my old man, I suggested we get in touch with someone (yourself) who’s still “in the loop” and could potentially help us with some options. I do believe my dad has spoken to you recently but as he is tight on time I have decided to help him get the ball rolling.
I have a full portfolio with scanned copies of all magazine shoots that were done. Unfortunately can’t find the original copies.
If there is anything you could be willing to do or have any ideas, we are all ears.
I look forward to your reply.
Kraig Jagpal.

So I answered of course..

Hi Kraig,

Less of the "acquaintance" young man! Friend.... confidante and fellow enthusiast!
And anything I can do to help, I shall.. And if you can email me, or file-transfer like YouSendIt, then I would love to see all those scans!

And he sent them. In order to fit, I sized the screenshots of the PDFs I was sent. The text will be tough but just about legible…

The BigFoot Feature first spread in Car HiFi magazine, by yours truly:

..and second.

Then the Fast Car feature..first spread…

…and second, with lovely photography by Spike

…and the fifth page, plus bonus full page 90’s advert!

And stuff about the bonkers loud Escort van “Virtual Reality” that won a lot of prizes. This single page from T3

And it made “Hard Ice” as well in Fast Car

If you fancy getting hold of this thing and have an urge to see it reborn, with its amazing shaft-driven alternator bank, and fifth disc brake on the drive shaft, then get in touch and I will hook you up. I think any reasonable offer will be considered…

Adam Rayner On Line Editor!