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Jun 29 2017 02:00 | Adam Rayner in General

When you sell the finest produce, you want your shop front to look the best. There is a store in Wealdstone, near me, that piles its fruit up so prettily, it aughta be on TV. Hey I will go ask and film them. Anyway, when Alpine Electronics want to show...

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May 16 2017 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General

With a history going back a generation or two, this spot in Marston, effectively a suburb of Oxford, has had the same flavour of business in it for ever. Starting as Marston Auto Parts, the previous owners sold it on as a true going concern that has ev...

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Sep 30 2016 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General

Not many people know that Ian ‘Iceman’ Pinder’s white Astravan had £65,000 retail’s worth of Orion and West Coast Customs audio-visual equipment in it. Ian made Great Big Systems and Orion HCCA woofers in particular, all the rage once again. That was s...

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The Steve Meade Interview for Fast Car

Dec 14 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General

Recorded in a corridor of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas last January at CES time, I actually got to interview one of my heroes. Mr. Steve Meade. These days, due to us having more than only audio as fellow travellers, we are hang out buddies with a b...

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Aug 18 2015 01:00 | Adam Rayner in General

Extracted from my editorial this week: I have done national radio about how we have had no warden enforcement at all on my local parade in the past. It was brilliant. Nowadays on my local high-street, parking is 20p for an hour or you just press the bu...

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Pro Installer Job With Top Outfit Cartronics

Jul 01 2015 01:00 | Adam Rayner in General

I have known the Goddens since before I was a journalist, when as a rep, I was able to swag a then-cool MDF parcel shelf for my company rep Ford Sierra. But that was in a Galaxy far far away and a long time ago. Cartronics is is the outfit that Mister...

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Jun 16 2015 02:00 | Adam Rayner in General

For most of my career I have written for Home Cinema Choice magazine as well as writing about car electronics. Moreover my mother was an author and had 92 books in print at peak! I fitted in nicely with HCC and their antipiracy culture because my privi...

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Presenterbloke Cracks Three Million!

Apr 14 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General

If you are a regular reader, then with luck, you will also be a regular viewer of mine. For my YouTube channel, called Presenterbloke (thought I was very lucky to get away with having that one!) was set up way back in 2007 and has been growing purely o...

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Latin America Comes To The UK

Apr 01 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General

In Brazil, there is a new trend for enormous walls of audio, playing to the rear of a vehicle, to entertain a crowd of people outside, rather than within a thing with wheels. We saw it in the mainstream in a Mike Palin travelogue, where he was on a bea...

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CarChicks Society For Car DIVAS!!!...

Mar 30 2015 00:00 | Adam Rayner in General

That Amy Slade lass is more than merely keen. I have been following her stuff of late and discovered something close to my heart. For I was raised by an Agony Aunt and so have feminism builded into my very upbringing. I might hold open doors and carry...

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