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As soon as you start to generate content in quantity, there are lots and lots of people who think it is great business to offer you the chance to give it all to them, so they can put it in THEIR bucket, collect many kinds in one place and sell advertising around it. It’s an arrogance and an exploitation that Talk Stuff, nee Talk Audio, has never needed and always resisted. However, I am not a total bigot, so sometimes I ask what they are on about when I get unsolicited mails. This was a new low in editorial mendacity. What was really offensive was that they thought I would be thrilled with fifty quid to sell my editorial veracity. Here’s the mails about lying to you, my readers…

Hi, How are you today?
My name is Sam Miller, a Content Outreach Lead for Shout news. Shout News is a growing digital media company sourcing the best content for different websites. We work to maintain high standards of content which provide value to readers of various niches.
As a Content Outreach Lead, I am always looking for the best websites that provide great and informative content. Your website’s content is perfect for what we are looking for and we would like to collaborate with you on your website talkstuff.net .
Are you interested in a partnership with us? We are flexible to suit your requirements for a long term business partnership.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Kind Regards,
Sam Miller Content Outreach Lead ShoutNews.net

Hi Sam,
Your mail is of course intriguing.... it was meant to be!
I would like to learn about your business model but I warn that am VERY averse to simple synthesis sites.. who ride on the back of your content to get revenue without any tangible benefit to the origin. What would I get out of giving you my content?

Hi Adam,
Thank you for your response. I'm glad that you are still interested.
We will be writing the content in exchange for you hosting it on your site. We have a car audio article for an online casino provider. We can offer you £50 for hosting our article if you agree to these terms:
- The article/post will be live for 12 months
The article/post cannot be tagged as "guest" or "sponsored".
- Payment will be made via PayPal within 20 working days from the article/post goes live
- The link will be set to follow
Do let me know if you are happy with these terms so we can get the article sent right away.
Sam Miller Content Outreach Lead ShoutNews.net

That is VILE and as such, I am going to publish this email string.
And you really think you can hang your stuff on my site for £50, the price of my career's reputation?
That's staggering.
Do not bother to reply.

I am so disgusted that this goes on that I really wanted you to know who they are and what they do. There are rules in all media that determine you are SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO TELL EDITORIAL APART FROM ADVERTISING.
And this whole business model, is predicated upon this axiomatic principle being binned.
For fifty quid a pop.
Drive carefully, enjoy your tunes, don’t get nicked….

Adam Rayner On Line Editor


Thanks for having principles, Adam.  It seems adding the word "car audio article" in front of "online casino" didn't fool you... ;-)

Thanks for having principles, Adam.  It seems adding the word "car audio article" in front of "online casino" didn't fool you... ;-)

YEAH that was a bit INZERT WERD HEEEER.... omfffffg.

flipping, flapping, flying, fearful....