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Hello and a very Happy New Year from all at Talk Stuff. Of course, this year has seen the deaths of so many legends that the Obituary itself may be the long term feature of greater-read-press that folks recall from this annus of a year. I will not list the greats, except to say that I live on the bit of Harry Potter-esque British Suburbia that George Micheal grew up within and that my son was at the school where he and Andrew Ridgely met and George wrote songs at. I do particularly feel warmed by all the news of his huge yet not public philanthropy. What a lovely bloke and gifted muso…
It happened to be the year that I wrote the most awful obituary in my career. I have never actually bawled and snotted over my keyboard before but I did, trying to key this, for Rebecca Smith,. A warm, loving mum and partner to son Callum and soulmate Ross, as well as absolutely stunning as a car promo lass. They generally put her in charge of the others, for being possessed of more brain cells than most people, let alone her colleagues. She’s the lass ‘twixt me and Danni Cross (née Christie) in my Facebook header shot.

So often at this time of year we see folks spouting the same drivel, as predictable as part-work hobby magazines and diet shizzle on the tellybox in January. All about how awful the year was and to get rid and look forward..but here’s some good stuff. I make no excuse for ripping off Mr. James Daniel Hood, on Facebook ,as after all, this is sharing, with tits on…
“While everyone is full of doom and gloom...a few things that happened in 2016 (information has appeared and can be found in several locations with the items below confirmable).
There is an Ebola vaccine now.

Child mortality - down across the globe.

Gene responsible for ALS found.

Suicide rates down globally.

According to studies, the Ozone layer is repairing itself.

There are now mind controlled robotic arms and a leg of this nature is almost complete.

Stem cell work on the spine has allowed several to regain limited movement in extremities after none for years.

Several very widely known endangered species are no longer endangered. Examples being Pandas, Hump Back whales, etc. Other endangered species saw growth in numbers for the first time in decades. (Tigers, after 100 years! Ed)

A solar powered plane did a world trip successfully.

Global Malaria is down by 60%.

Measles is considered eradicated from the Americas.

It seems that 93% of the world's children have learned to read and write. The highest percentage in recorded human history.
I have never witnessed a greater push globally for renewable energy. Numbers show this to be true.

I think these few things give you a little better perspective on what has gone right this year. Did bad things happen? Yes. But do not get mired in that stuff.”

Well SAID Daniel Hood!

For Talk Stuff in 2017, I am working towards mad-end OEM, with top targets from posh brands, as we all want to know what you get when you buy a £100,000+ car with the ‘posh audio’ option, don’t we? As well as going to play with as much crazy-high-end THEATRE stuff as I can get at, now that I am no longer anchored to another publication for that market. It turns out, I might just have the clout to get away with it.
I’ll let you know about the Ferraris and Bentleys…

Drive carefully, look out for ice, enjoy your tunes, don’t get nicked…. OH and I nicked the image from Alexander Roeken who is a ‘Propper Droppers’ bass contest dude who helps run continental European operations. That was once a tiny format I loved to help promote..now, it’s MASSIVE.

Adam Rayner On Line Editor.


We would like to say a massive HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the (((pd))) contestants from the home of propper droppers here in the UK!

The format has been running for a DECADE now and we would like to send a special thanks to all the countries that have joined us on our quest for the LOUDEST and LOWEST bass on earth!


Antoine in the Netherlands

Frank in Germany

Paul in South Africa

Danilo in Italy

Matty in New Zealand

John in Austrlia  


...and a massive thanks to all the staff members not mentioned around the world from:


Marcos (((pd))) creator, Jay and Toni - (((pd))) Main judges.

Happy New Year to Adam, all the staff and readers of this site. It is already with great sadness to see the terrible pictures of what has happened in Turkey. God bless to everyone and I sincerely hope for a more peaceful & healthy year ahead.

Welcome to 2017.

Thumbs up and make every good thing this year happen!.




Oh, and i lovvvvvvvve your nicked picture!