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It’s gong to be a good year for the hobbyist and new car buyer alike, with better choices than ever before. And in this month of February, I can tell you a slice of news that lovers of bass will enjoy. This is lows you can feel, without giving over any space that matters for baby buggies, shopping or girly things…. From a unit so small, Kicker hadn’t really even thought much about doing it… until now.

Launched at the recent Las Vegas CES, the Kicker company, famed for beating kidneys to pulp for decades with brutal clean bass, this new small bass enclosure has just a single four Ohm 150 watt six inch and three quarter-inch driver in it. (it IS ‘Murican, after all…) Plus a magnificently-endowed passive bass radiator with the fattest surround you ever saw, complete with stitching, as it is intended to be spanked stupid for years without coming apart.

Sitting JUST above the true underseat subwoofer in size, this dense little spud will really improve your sound quality from the same “subwoofer clarity effect” that scales up, all the way to stadiums for Metallica. Yes, if your sound system has a heavy bass end power, the rest of the speakers work WAY less hard and sound awesome for it.

Here is what Kicker had to say: 6.75in CompRT 4 Ohm Enclosure
The CompRT Thin Profile 6-¾-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure comes loaded with a Reflex Subwoofer and RT Sub, then carpeted and loaded with a single 4-ohm terminal.

Covered in stylish black carpeting and built with thick MDF, these sturdy enclosures take some serious power, yet easily fit under a seat. Match them with a KX Amplifier for big power in a small footprint.

This enclosure works best with 150 watts of recommended power

Woofer [in, cm] 6-¾, 16.5
Continuous Power Handling [Watts RMS] 150
Peak Power Handling [Watts] 300
Rated Impedance [Ω] 4
Frequency Response [Hz] 35-500
BOX TOP DEPTH (in, cm): 5⁄16 , 8.5
BOX BOTTOM DEPTH (in, cm): 5-11⁄16 , 14.5
BOX HEIGHT (in, cm): 10, 25.4
BOX WIDTH (in, cm): 15-¼, 38.7

Me again.. I reckon this could be the lunatic product of 2017. Slated to cost around £?? (not yet set) and to be in the UK in the Spring. I am keen to have a go on one.

Meanwhile, we are still in the grip of some nasty February weather, so do take care out there. Drive carefully and avoid that BOOMPH tinkle….

Adam Rayner On Line Editor


that is exactly what i am looking for to put under the boot floor of my mini clubman!


swag me one big guy ;)


seriously though think that's on the shopping list now, need to know where i say take my money and give me bass

Looks very impressive and perfectly suited to those with smaller boots who dont want to lose much space.

I downscaled from an 18" to an 8" alpine unit that you reviewed and whilst it doesn't set off car alarms or wobble my boy bits it makes the music sound so much better and I've got the entire boot back. 


Next thing kicker need to do is make a version with a built in amplifier. The amp on the Alpine sub is tiny and if Kicker go the same route you could have an all in one box that is just a couple of clicky plugs from being removable for when you need a bit more boot space.