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Son of Boomzilla - EP1

The original BoomZilla graphic art strip was born in Car Stereo & Security magazine (Which can be seen in pauljolee's Old Skool Car Audio mags scans here: http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/ipb/index.php/topic/225250-old-skool-car-audio-mags/) and now through Talk Audio and our sponsors he is BACK and he has a son.

In the purest Superhero tradition, we begin with the origins-of story.
Son of BoomZilla is a second generation Bio-Mutant affected through both his Mum's and his Dad's DNA.

Sponsored by Morel, makers of some of the finest audiophile speakers ever created and Fusion, suppliers of fine quality kit for those of a vigorous nature – Tweak and Boom in other words – we are kicking off in the glamorous Swindon Hills.

The work bears close scrutiny. Find images of Ian Pinder, Bass King Ricky and even someone wrestling a shark 'hidden' in the background details. Julian Sewell is the Marvel-Comics grade artist with deeply surreal urges and he makes a fine portrait. If you have any pictures of facial expressions or individuals who you reckon need weaving into the story, then send them to me!

We are using the very finest display system available – better than the one DC use themselves! Do try Full Screen and just hover the mouse over it to expand the detail.

So, welcome to a new era of Talk Audio graphic art and click on to say hello to our leetle fren'….