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MHB's 3 x 18" Subs @ Reading


    It's superb how the box has been built for those subs! Those subs look rather special too!!!
    OMG havnt seen that pic for a while. And to think hes talking about tearing it out next season because it aint loud enough :wow: M:B
    Thanks for showing the subs on here:-) They are 12" subs mate. I`m staying in Street B. So I will not be taking the box out. I am going to reduce the internal volume to 6.5 Cu.Ft. though. I`m also making a version using 2x15" DD9515subs. Power is up for next season as well. 7500wrms+ in the box you see here. 10.000wrms+ in the 2x15" version.
    very nice box Marcos, its plain to see ALOT of effort went into making that. nice job :)
    evil purple !!!